Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Size 40? Surely I can't be?

In the sixties, we used to buy our clothes according to measurements like 36-24-36 (bust-waist-hip). Nowadays, sizes are much more confusing as the world of fashion has expanded to encompass the global village so that now a garment has to bear in mind that it may be purchased by a tiny person (Chinese, Thai, or Mexican?) or equally by a towering Norwegian.  At least I assume this is why my latest pair of jeans sports a label with 5 different size offerings.  I was a bit taken aback by the dominating '40' - which country is that? In my mind, that is a huge size, but I can now at least equate the American 8 with the British 12. Whew - that's a relief, not too bad for my age.  Curious about the 40, I scoured the webpage of the shop concerned and found no answer, so I sent an e-mail to 'Contact Us' who instead of answering the question, referred me back to the webpage. I finally found another label on another part of the garment, which says 'Eur 40', so I imagine this refers to the rest of Europe, any place which is not the UK or Italy?  No matter, I'm just happy that it fits. Not so long ago, we used to buy eggs in sizes, Small/Medium/Large - I still have recipes that ask for these.  Now I swear all the eggs are the same size as before, but we have a choice of Large/Extra Large or Jumbo. What's that about?  It' a funny old world.


  1. I see that the US uses the smallest size designation. We hear about how overweight we are as a nation. Now I fear we lie about it as well. Or are in denial, maybe?

  2. What you need are Engineering Tables:

    Engineers are into everything. I am dismayed though that there was no lingerie listed.

    Here is some more info from Wikipedia:

    Ha! Ha! Check out the link at the end of the wiki article, Brassiere Measurement. Now we are talking! An engineers dream... diagrams, tables, and even equations for calculating the volume of spheroids!

    1. And my mother warned me not to marry an engineer (as my dad was) because "they have no imagination".

    2. Whew - those links! All that is quite mind-blowing.

  3. Ah, and some brands, like Chico, go from 1-3, meaning you are either typically small, 1, or typically large, 3. Anyone in between, as I am, has to have the clothes altered here and there, paying twice for the privilege.

  4. That sounds a bit like a cop-out from Chico. What are they saving on - printer ink?