Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Funny Side of Forgetful

I also went to see 'Quartet' last week, not really a comedy, as billed, but more a thoughtful and poignant look at old age, with some funny moments. It stars Maggie Smith, Billy Connelly and Tom Courtenay to pick out but three of the famous names. The whole cast was superb and for opera lovers like me, there was a lot of beautiful music in that old age home for retired opera singers, most memorably - the quartet from Rigoletto.  Then on Friday I was invited to a farewell tea at the library: one of our volunteers who had served for 17 years, was finally retiring, aged 83.  She could no longer drive, her son with whom she had been living, had died and she had to move into an old age home. A large table had been laid, rather too large for the amount of snacks, I thought, but no matter, the food was tasty and enough. This morning, the librarian confided that the lady who had volunteered to bring two large fruit platters, had spent hours making them and then left them on her dining-room table. She only realised after the event had finished and she returned home. Still chuckling about this, I prepared to ride away on my scooter, planning how much shopping I would be able to pack into it's bin for my husband's new diet, when an elderly gentleman smilingly stepped up to me and suggested that I put my helmet on, as in South Africa, I risked immediate arrest if spotted without it. Feeling really dumb, I realized I had been about to ride away, not only helmet-less, but with my rather large purse slung over my shoulder as well. I normally have an entrenched routine re mounting my bike, helmet, keys, bag etc. but I do have to engage my brain first. Luckily, us oldies look out for each other - as they do in the film.


  1. This movie is definitely on my list.

    1. I loved it. I am sure you will too.

  2. Wow! You can arrested for not wearing a helmet? We had a helmet law in Pennsylvania, that involved a ticket but no arrest. Anyhow it must have saved too many lives and violated too many rights so it was appealed.

    I like how I wander into to a room and have not a clue why I am there. It is a nice effect for watching re-runs on TV...just like the first time I saw it. The surprise ending remains a surprise.