Saturday, 22 December 2012


Ah, the world didn't end. Just as well, as I've bought a lot of Christmas presents...maybe that's why my husband was galvanized into going to a movie? Nah, just kidding..
We were surprised to be amongst adults at the film, and less surprised to find most people were couples like us.  I was bored during the first five minutes of relentless stunts  before the title, and then restless during most of the movie. Even my husband said afterwards that we have perhaps become too old, too intolerant of fantasy and uneasy about the amount of spurious violence and death in films today and the incredible destruction of property portrayed. No wonder that some of those amongst the young, living in their remote world of video games, go off the rails. There were some good moments in the film. For instance, the title is only explained towards the end, which provides a little welcome suspense and there are some nostalgic moments when the old Bond movies are given the nod viz the dry martini, the adorable old Aston Martin and Bond's inimitable lines of introduction when asked his name. There are one or two funny lines. I laughed out loud when after a hectic chase through London, Bond ends up seeing the bad guy exit a tube station in rush hour. Bond is given his instruction to board the train only after it has picked up speed and has almost left the station. He sprints through the crowd and leaps onto the back end of the train: a bystander is heard to remark to his companion, "that bloke's in a hurry to get home", (may not be the exact quote).  Anyway, go see it. The final scenes are set in Scotland and we enjoyed the action in Shanghai: and what female is not a sucker for men in suits?


  1. The last Bond movie I saw had Sean Connery in it. So I am way behind the times. I like Daniel Craig, maybe we'll rent it. My wife is not big on Bond and I am not big on going to theaters.

  2. I enjoyed the humour, too. I don't normally watch Bond movies, but a friend asked me to go with her, and the jokes kept me entertained. A bit violent. But some good scenery and action.

  3. We saw skyfall on turkey day here in the USA, it was a hoot, at a huge cinemax theater. I think Craig actor is great as James Bond, I was teary eyed over M passing away..Love Judy Dench, also love the new characters, boy does that Daniel Craig, run, flip, work it and always look great..Happy New Year to you, love your blog..ciao

  4. Earth to Fiftyodd. Where the hell are you, I need my Cape Town fix.

    Happy New Years if you give a damn about us any longer. If you don't, then I am going to arrange for some electro-shock therapy for you.

  5. Hey - give me a break! Four littlies under 5 years old for the Christmas week at our house - we are still in recovery mode! Also, relentless baby-sitting/childcare this week (New Year also at our house) because it is the long, hot summer school holidays here. Next week all shall return to normal. Not to mention problem with my mouse - no computing possible this week so far... only fixed today. NB - Glad to be missed.

    1. Well I got a foot of snow and temps running -1 c in the day and -13 C at night. Don't complain about your weather to me.

      The littlies however engender no envy. Nice when they are there and even nicer when they leave!

      Glad to see you are OK, I was a little worried about you.

  6. Nah, am fine. Eyes looking good. Increased confidence in all areas of my life - see next blog... get to it tomorrow. NB - could do with a little of your snow. I miss it since moving to South Africa 36 years ago.

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