Tuesday, 11 December 2012

More Memories on the Walls


To complete a theme:  these pics adorn the walls of our holiday house.  We liked the humor of the local artists in Zanzibar, a few years back.  The paint is not great quality, and there was still beach sand in the canvasses when we unrolled them back home. My husband has always been fascinated by the Masai.  They discreetly patrolled the beach at our hotel: you could leave money, jewellery or anything else on your beach mat while you went for a dip in the sea and  no-one would touch it.  The 

boat is a little sad:  my brother-in-law (who committed suicide) flew down for my husband's 60th birthday two years ago - that was his gift.  It doesn't have non-reflecting glass - so that's why you can see me as well. Our bedroom boasts a watercolor that I bought when a friend of mine gave an informal exhibition for a friend of hers at her home thirty years ago. Memories.

The lioness? Oh, she was peacefully sitting with her impressive mate next to her on top of a rock next to our proposed campsite in the Kalahadi Transfrontier National Park (between SA and Botswana) in 2007. This camping trip was one of my husband's dreams: four 4 x 4 vehicles, each containing a family, dragging everything but the kitchen sink - including all our own drinking water and spades with which to dig discreet holes in the bush to bury our 'personal' waste.

One of the most pristine parks in the world, the Kalahadi did have much going for it - peace and absolute quiet (apart from lion roars) being the main attraction. One's campsites were merely marks on the map. Having seen no animals all day, we were the leading vehicle when we rounded the last bend before our nighttime stop, to be confronted by this lady and her mate, about two yards from us! In the ensuing chaos, climbing over each other to get cameras organised, the male finally lost interest and casually and very slowly walked away!


  1. Nice paintings all. The lioness is beautiful, what a sight to see! The boat while very sad is also very beautiful. Very nice collection.

  2. Thank you. Describe what's on your walls? I am curious (been guessing..). Great painters? Engineering designs?

    1. No great works of art--a collection of store bought kitsch and homemade crafts that my wife rotates through the seasons. It is a running joke of how I never notice the stuff on the wall. Noticing is another trait that is on the tail of that second X chromosome that we were talking about over on Olga's blog. Missing on the male y chromosome. The only thing that hangs on our walls that is worth something is a baby grandfather style wall clock.

      In the 24 square feet of wall that I control, in my little corner where my computer is, there is an Einstein poster, a shelf with ceramic lighthouses and a nautical looking barometer.

      Thats a good idea, I ought to frame and hang one of my piping and instrumentation diagrams that I did at work. I brought a couple home with me when I retired in case I ever got calls.