Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Homemade Hammies

Observe disembodied foot!

 After a typical week-end of gardening and fixing around the house,
PVC downpipe cutters
My wine glass just out of sight to the left
hubby decided we must get to work and use some of our venison (of which our freezer had been full since June). Small son had requested some hamburgers to take to work so on Sunday we defrosted about 6 lbs of mince, made originally with a little mutton fat, hubby chopped up six large onions, mixed and spiced everything with ground coriander (a must for venison), dried herbs from my sister-in-law's farm garden, salt and pepper, oats, breadcrumbs and egg to bind. The results were impressive and the perfect size was obtained because of hubby's idea: he went to his garage and cut two templates from PVC downpipe (he had some left over from a plumbing job - don't ask) and we cooked 12 and still had some left-over to freeze.  We shared one and the other 11 should last small son for the rest of the week. What did we have for supper?  Well, our diet has been working for us - at night, we just have two 'Crackerbreads' each, with low-fat cream cheese and sardines or tinned tuna, with slices of tomato and cucumber. My friends are scandalised that we seem to be eating so frugally, but we are slowly losing weight. The hamburgers will be great on the braai (Bar-B-Q) over Christmas. We shall be at our holiday house for a week - full house as usual. After initially quailing at the thought of all the meals that have to be organised, I have knuckled down to the planning and am quite enjoying it. As usual.

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  1. With my tastes of a typical 9 year old in cuisine, hamburgers are the staff of life, but I must confess I have never eaten venison. My wife is a vegetarian...ergo by the default of laziness so am I for the most part. The soy protein hamburgers I eat now are not bad, but no one is going to mistake them for the real thing.

    If you are loosing weight slowly, that is a great thing, and leave your friends be enviously scandalized.