Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wire-less World?

Fitting new PVR
My beloved Mac

Grrrrr..........those wires!

We have recently acquired a nice, neat, flat screen TV which hubby mounted on the wall for me and it looks very nice - except for the wires, which despite his best efforts, are unattractively visible from the front.  We have just had this cupboard made out of a beautiful hardwood and M made me two matching floating shelves, also nice and neat - but for those wires.  When my son installed my Mac (which I love and adore), he said it would have both wireless mouse and keyboard.  Stupidly, I imagined the lovely clean lines but there is still a rat's nest of wires at the back, by the time you add the telephone cables, those of the printer and fax machine, the shredding machine, modem and my sewing machine,  the number pad and the skype camera  (I did have one inside the Mac, but it mysteriously stopped working). Ah well, perhaps one day.....


  1. You have the dreaded photo covering your text syndrome.

    I am glad you love your MAC. I am less than enthralled with mine. I did get get the big key board with the number pad, but Apple builds things for youthful people with nimble fingers. I got the track pad instead of the mouse. Worthless I can't use it for anything so I use the mouse from my old computer. I should get the old keyboard out as well. It was like a big old sloppy Buick, kind of frumpy but comfortable. This Apple keyboard is like driving a BMW, nice for a 30 year old but too damned constricted for an old slob like me. There is only one thing I really like about my MAC, it works for me instead of Microsoft and Norton utililities. My old computer seemed to spend 90 percent of its time running itself and virus checkers. The MAC does what I want it to do, within the constraints of Apple. I do not like Apple as a company, and I much preferred the windows environment (well limited to XP--I never used anything newer) to Apple's Lion or whatever nonsense they call it. Well I never joined the mystique of Steve Jobs. Yes its a shame he died, and yes he was something of a visionary. But he was not a god and he manipulative corporate captain who was pretty shameless in screwing his customers and very artful in making them not only enjoy the screwing but become followers to the great Apple. Hmmmmm, Amen!

    But your right about wires, tangle webs of necessity.

  2. What is a track pad? I like the BMW keyboard because I touch-type. Just wish they would standardise where the "@" key is though. My brother, computer fundi, hates "Microsoft" and loves "Linux". Me - I just want everything to work (fast) all the time. No special loyalties.

    1. Like the thing that is on a laptop but bigger:


      I don't possess the dexterity for the thing.

      I have no loyalties either, but Apple grates under my skin with their manipulations and suits, and the absolute cult of followers they have.

      I richly enjoyed the publishers getting raked over the coals in the US for price collusion with Steve Job when he brought out the iPad. He was going to destroy the Kindle, and put smart ass Bezos in his place. How dare Amazon start making hardware. Didn't happen. Not to say Amazon is not a manipulative company either, but at least they cut prices. Apple manipulates their customer base at top prices. I never have liked Apple as a company but let's face it they are all manipulative bastards.