Friday, 9 November 2012

Getting Around

My daughter has been driving me around since my op and I have borrowed crutches from a friend of which I use one sometimes.  Still, limping about is quite tiring and I think it will be a long month.  I've got a holiday this week though: hubby is off to Germany for five days (of which two are for traveling). It's quite tiring watching him sort out his clothes: he's got his itinerary on the bed and outfits are being matched to events, socks must exactly match the color of his pants and the dress code 'smart casual' must be decoded and adhered to. He can't quite get his head around 'jeans and a blazer' - as worn by the younger men as 'smart', but I told him not to worry  - all the older guys will admire him simply because he still has a full head of hair. I looked up his hotel in Stuttgart on the Internet and tried not to be envious, as his itinerary suggests he will only have time to sleep and have breakfast there.  It even has an indoor swimming pool - which hubby won't use because he thinks he's too fat, and also because he is prone to ear infections. (If he can't dive in, he doesn't swim). Which brings me back to the subject of 'getting around'.  I suspect the reason most of us don't go for necessary ops, is because the docs insist we can't drive for six weeks!  Who can find the time not to do that? My op was on my right foot and I have a shift gear (almost unknown in the US I know). So I can't drive. I can, however, see no good reason why I can't get on my scooter. There are some things for which you just have to weigh up the pros and cons and last week, I forgot to get my husband's lotto ticket - and he had asked me a week before I went for my op. It's about 400 yards around to our local small shopping centre and its very quiet midday. I went on my scooter about 5 days after my op. No problems - I just won't tell the doc, and then it's not his responsibility.  I can't believe I did it though, having assured him I would expressly follow his instructions and poured scorn on those ignoramuses who think they know better. My husband had four ops on his foot once, when he was a young apprentice. He got broken glass in it, while re-fitting upholstery in a plane and several X-rays did not reveal the remaining shard until six months later. As he couldn't drive his car, he rode his motor bike to work and one day leaned over a bit far round the corner and tore the stitches. I am not one of those people who take such risks but I can understand his frustration.  I reason that I am in far more danger of my husband stepping backwards with his 200 lb weight onto my toe when we are both working in the kitchen than I am by peacefully riding my scooter.


  1. Well be careful both on the scooter and around home. Shame you couldn't go with hubby on his trip. I was never able to take my wife on business trips. We often put in 16 hour days and she would have been terribly bored. Hope the toe heals soon.

  2. Thank you that you appreciate I will be very careful on both counts. It would be dumb of me to jeopardise the op. I would never be bored on any trip - I am interested in everything. (Would'nt have been very mobile on this one though).