Thursday, 18 October 2012

There is one more.....

Baby strollers.  They are so ingeniously put together these days that only their parents have sufficient practice in getting them up and down and into their RVs. I happened to look after my 3-year-old granddaughter all day yesterday, so that her jaded parents could practice with their new baby. The plan had been that M would go to nursery school as usual, but unfortunately, she had a bad cold and couldn't go.  By 2.30 pm. we were both in the last stages of exhaustion, me, from trying to find enough ways to entertain her and she, fighting the fact that she ought to be having her afternoon sleep. We had already been out in my car to fetch new blinds, then on to the nursery where she had helped me to buy plants after which we spent half an hour in the children's playground there. Then on to the children's library for another half an hour. Then back to my house and the toy box there. Then lunch. Then a lie-down on granny's bed. (Well, it was actually only granny who lay down.) Eventually, I loaded her into the stroller and went for a 40-minute walk, tacking from side to side of the road into an almost gale-force wind.  To my immense relief she finally fell asleep 5 minutes from the house. I tiptoed into my bedroom with the pram, planning to decant her onto my bed after which we would both have a well-earned, hopefully long, nap, only to discover I simply could not undo the safety harness which was firmly strapping her in.  A whispered phone call to my son wasn't much help. "You just press the big button and it will fall apart", said he.  I pressed the big button with various degrees of force and then gave up.  However, I really didn't want her to wake up, so I just propped up the front wheels on two big pillows and leaned the handles back onto my bed and hoped for the best.  Two hours later when my son arrived, we were both still sleeping. When he effortlessly popped open the buckle, he commented how easy it was but did also mention,"There's a button at the back which you have to press at the same time".  (Grrr!) Looking at this pic, and seeing how big she is, I think I'll make her walk next time.  Still, she has only just turned three.


  1. Just press the button! Never go parachuting with your son. Just jump out of the plane Ma.

    1. Did you ever see that ad in the smalls? "Parachute for sale. Unused. Small red stain on back."

  2. Oh, yes, even a short visit with a grandchild can wear us thin. More fun for them; more exhaustion for us.