Monday, 8 October 2012


Tool for holding long planks up high

Damage from leaking roof !

Camera-shy hubby replacing rusted light switch fitting
Limit of planks fitted because of short ladder.  Old damp on wall.
Compresssor to power nail gun - 8 kilo
Nail gun - makes life much easier
After fifteen years of 'meaning to paint' we have finally started - two rooms in our house. We both hate painting but even more hate the idea of having anyone 'in' to do it for us.  Hence we have waited until the whole house desperately needs a facelift before starting. Mind you, when you have spent a week-end, cleaning out, preparing walls, vacuuming up long-dead insect carcasses that were reposing behind beds, you really feel good. The new colour is the same as the old: I reason that it took us long enough to decide on a color in the first place - no point changing now as the rest of the decor remains the same. We have however, decided to change the blinds, as one has a generally busted mechanism and is very irritating to close/open and the other has faded in the sun. That was my study. Now we have turned our attention to our outside entertainment area. We finally addressed the leaking roof two months ago - had to get a professional job done - so now we have no excuse not to strip the damp-damaged walls and get the thing painted. To our dismay, the 'preparation' of the walls took ages (one whole week-end), so we haven't started to paint yet and we have managed to 3/4 complete putting up a knotty-pine ceiling to match the rest of the area.  We haven't finished because the ceiling slopes up and my husband can no longer reach without a taller ladder.  My job was to hold up the end of the 14 foot, 4" wide planks with a jig, fashioned from the expandable paint roller which enabled me to stand on the floor, while my husband gunned the nails in, using his compressor - a great improvement on the time 20 years ago when he and my big son put up the ceiling in the other half of the room - hammer, nails and rawl plugs.  Some things do improve over time. My husband is away for one night today - I foolishly promised to continue washing the walls so that we can paint next week-end.  I forgot my duty of taking smallest granddaughter for her second swimming lesson. Much more exhausting for me than for her.  Only felt up to reading my book and doing the washing for the rest of the day...Oddly enough, it was a very companionable week-end and I enjoyed it.

Sorry for erratic placing of photos - did my best but they seem to jump around regardless of my  intentions.


  1. Better you than me! Wow, what a lot of work. Prepping walls for painting has got to be the worst!

  2. I get that photo crap every now and again too. It obliterates parts of the text. Unfortunately the more you fiddle with it the worst it gets. I think Blogger starts to drown in HTML commands, not completely deleting the old stuff when you edit.

    Well it looks like a lot of work but it also appears to be paying off. Roof leaks are a major PIA. Good luck with your renovations.

  3. Thanks both. You inspire me to continue... I should add that hubbie does about 98% of the work. He is happy just to have me around to hold/pass things, so that his time up and down the ladder is minimised. I also provide refreshments - these start as tea/coffee and graduate to coke/water in the heat of the day, winding down into wine/whisky as the sun sets. We have a good breakfast and then only eat in the evening.

  4. My husband will tackle anything mechanical, electrical, or plumbing related. As soon as I mention paint, he is on the phone to have someone in to do it.

  5. There's something about paint, perhaps that it is so messy - so much cleaning up.