Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Hope Springs"

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast". (Alexander Pope).  I didn't remember that until our newspaper movie critic jogged my memory (did him at school - meaning, I studied Pope's poetry). My friends and I went to the morning show at our local movie house today - all of 16 people, which is some kind of a record - usually, the three of us are on our own and can put our feet up so to speak. As this film is about being in your sixties and seeing a therapist to help put the 'intimacy' back into the marriage, I was surprised to see some couples in the audience.  I mean what self-respecting male would willingly attend such a film? I do suspect that those few brave specimens present had required some persuasion to get them there.  Unfortunately, they might have been fooled as it was billed as a comedy, but it was rather a serious film with some comic moments. Actually, we all felt as it we had got our own $4000 worth (the price of the couples' week's counselling in the movie) by the time it finished as it tackled with absolute honesty those romantic aspects of a marriage which slowly disappear over time which women long for and men don't even notice have gone. Streep, perfect as always in any role,  as the rather timid and inhibited housewife, matched with Tommy Lee Jones - by far the best acting performance of his life.  Or maybe he wasn't even acting? We women loved it - my husband would have been bored stiff - after all, there are a number of soulful moments when no-one says a word and nothing is ostensibly happening. It's all in the mind.  My husband would, however, have enjoyed the trailer.  Someone has at last seen fit to make a cowboy movie with lots of noisy shooting and action. I did register that Leonardo di Caprio is in it, but I didn't take much notice of anything else (except to push my ear plugs further into my ears.) Go see the Streep movie, ladies.  I heartily recommend it! Steve Carrell is unexpectedly superb as the counsellor.


  1. So should a wussie man go see it or not? Remember I had a tough time answering the question:

    Which of the following best describes your gender? _____ M _____ F


    Merrill Streep is one of the best actors going. She embraces the roll and it is the character in the movie, not Merril Streep playing the character.

    1. I think you would like it, Sextant.

    2. Yeah, but my wife probably wouldn't. She like action movies. She calls romantic comedies snooze fests. Probably wait to rent it.

  2. This is on my list. And I actually think that my husband will watch with me.

  3. Haven't been out to watch a movie with my husband since "Blood Diamonds" 8 years ago, when he was off work after a carpal tunnel op. Amazingly, we both liked this movie.