Wednesday, 24 October 2012


1969 - hair was actually blonde

Do you remember the sixties, ladies, when we all used to put our hair up in curls for a special occasion?  I brought this photo back to Cape Town from my dad's house and have decided not to wallow in nostalgia for those care-free days of youth, when photographers would set up their studio lights to get the most flattering picture. These days, they all want to use 'natural' light and the photos my children give me of themselves and their offspring, cavorting about in strange postures are not always to my liking. I had cause to reproduce this hairstyle however, when big son got married five years ago. I have been to the same hairdresser (about my own age) for the last twenty years, but I had my doubts whether she could still manage this for me as my hair was now much shorter but I had made myself a dress which seemed to warrant it. 

She merely said that in the sixties she had made her living out of this style, which incredibly, was popular amongst working girls, who would have it done once a week, and would empty cans of hair spray on it to make it last. I remember our hair used to feel like cement. So here's the new version of the old - the work of two hours and 100 hairpins - the other stylists in the salon were most impressed. There are curls on the sides but I don't have a sideways pic. NB.  a photographer once told me if you face the camera, no-one can see you have a stomach. I try to remember this......  Who's got similar photos? (Perhaps not you, Sextant).


  1. Your photo puts me in mind of my 8th grade graduation photo. My mom took my to my first ever beauty shop visit where they ratted up (teased) my hair into a big bundle of cascading ringlets. I felt like a princess. The very next day I started a new summer job picking onions in the field and I did not want to mess up my hair-do with a hat or scarf, so there I am working like a field hand with Bridget Bardot hair. I must have looked like an idiot, but I wanted to keep that princess feeling as long as possible!

    You look wonderful, very slim and chic. Love the color of the dress!

  2. I got a graduation photo where I look like Ronald Reagan. Alas, you can only imagine, I publish no photos of myself on the Internet--I don't want to violate Article 17.H4 of the Geneva Convention, Basic Human Rights concerning aesthetics.

    Anyhow I used some sort of gel that came in a tube, not Brylcream, this stuff wasn't greasy. It was a gel until exposed to the air then it hardened like epoxy. You could stand in 150 MPH wind and not get one hair out of place.

    Not a fan of those old bee hive hair dos, but you do look smashing in both photos, although I prefer the 2007 photo.

    1. Sextant, I just KNEW you would have a story. Your gel story makes me think of my father-in-law, who had the exact same hairstyle (bolstered by gel) his whole life. He had fine, blonde, straight hair which stayed unchanged, into his old age, and a middle parting. I've told my husband often, I married him partly because he has his father's hair (minus the style)because I wanted blonde children - to please my mother. (Long story about mother/daughter relations. Not for these pages).

  3. You look beautiful in both pictures. I never had my hair long enough to attempt any kind of updo and I have mostly let nature otherwise take its course, I think it stems from an unfortunate home perm my mother gave me when I was 8.

  4. I found the hair do of my dreams: