Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Chain of Events

For fear this post might be boring, I'll speed it up.. I start at the library at 7.30 am Mons and Tues - patrons are admitted only at 10.00 so that we can shelve the previous day's books. As I was leaving I couldn't find my remote to open our electric gates. I rode my scooter yesterday - probably I've left it in the bike which is inside the garage. Curse.  Husband is away on business - has his remote with him. Small son has left early for work and is already far away with his. Phoned daughter to rescue me with hers. She would come after dropping her son at school. Half an hour to wait. Phone the library to explain I'll be late. A bad thought: even if daughter opens the gate to the property, her remote is not set up to open my garage, so I am still stuck at home. I phone her cell to tell her not to bother - she doesn't answer.  Phone big son: does his remote open my garage perhaps?  He thinks not.  Pause.  "Mom, is your garage open or closed?"  "It's closed".  "Then how could your remote be inside it?" Very long pause: ancient brain cells tick over. I finally remember that yesterday I had worn my cream, leather jacket to ride my bike because of the wind. Possibly, breaking my habit of putting all keys in my handbag, I had put the remote in the jacket's pocket, while struggling out of my helmet when I came home. Locate jacket in secret cupboard (I've a phobia about burglars and hide my favorite things).  Remote found in pocket! Sheepish thank-you e-mail to big son and quick call to daughter who had not yet left home. Rush to get into car inside garage - set off alarm - usually hubby disables alarm when he leaves for work, but he was away last night.  Wait for phone call from alarm people - about 10 mins.  Nothing.   Leave for library. Arrive at library 3/4 hour late. This is OK because am volunteer. Day passes.  5.00pm. - Receive call from alarm people to say they couldn't get me this morning (hah!)- Is everything OK, they ask?


  1. The alarm company stayed calm, didn't go into panic mode there. That has to be reassuring if there is ever a crisis. Right?

  2. Yes! Thank God for the alarm company. Do they have those fall alarms for senior citizens, you know, you press the button in case you fall. With your company they will just send out the undertaker several days later to collect the body--avoid all that ambulance brouhaha.