Friday, 7 September 2012

Why do They... ? and First Day of Spring

This one is the worst  - and ubiquitous !

Why do they make teapots that don't pour?  Why do all the restaurants/teashops buy them? Why do they make mascara wands this season, with such fat shapes that one can't wield them properly?  Why do all the manufacturers follow like sheep so that there is no choice?  Why do they..... (Sextant, help me out here..)
The field next to our house

Meanwhile, September 1st was the first day of spring in Cape Town. The wild flowers are out in full bloom around our house up the coast: this phenomenon is known world-wide and we are swamped with welcome tourists for the brief season - two months, although the flowers themselves are at their best for only about two weeks.  How lucky are we to be privy to this annual miracle?

Lagoon in the background, tide out.

The lagoon is in the background, but the tide was out when this pic was taken. The lagoon extends for 21 kilometres inland and in summer the water is so warm in this shallow part, one would think one is swimming in the waters of a tropical island.

It's also my granddaughter's birthday: this year she was 3 and had a Spring bonnet as her birthday cake.


  1. I'm fascinated by all the wildflowers. Enjoy the beginning of outdoor fun while I begin to bring furniture in and get ready for our rainy season ahead.

  2. The fields of flowers are just beautiful.
    The cake looks like a real hit. Your grand daughter is a real cutie.

  3. Thank you both. All compliments gratefully received.

  4. Alas, Fiftyodd my dear, function always takes a back seat to fashion and profits. Not sure why your teapot does not pour. But the mascara brush? Simple, what are the three laws of consumer goods? Packaging, packaging, packaging. The product can be total crap but put it a unique package and invent a specification with a percentage. 62% more voluminous. So everyone had skinny mascara brushes in probably a skinny package. Someone decides to be avant-garde and with absolutely no thought to function and makes a fat package with a fat brush--that stands out on the shelf like a diamond in a goat's ass. Voila, the trendy see something different and they buy it. Sales go up, and the other manufacturers follow suit. Soon some one will make an ultra skinny one with a corkscrew shape. 57% more curvature.

    The wildflowers are magnificent and indeed the granddaughter is a heartbreaker. With the reduction of testosterone in men of my age, I am not certain enough of manhood to comment on that cake.

    What the hell is wrong with you people, you are ranting and raving about spring 6 months too soon!

  5. As always - giggle! Ah, it's so nice to be addressed as Fiftyodd: this was so true six years ago when I started blogging. Now, 62, I can't conceive of having to change my blog name. Must I?

    1. Sixty two, hell you are a spring chicken! You need not change your name. You are as old as you feel as such if you must change your name, it would something much younger I am sure!

      Need justification for this bit of mendacity, take a book by just about any female author. Look at the cover photo, then do a google image search of the author.

      Try this one, do you have any Anita Shreve novels? Compare the jacket photo with this:

      Fiftyodd, it makes no difference, you are, and will be, a delight at any age!