Friday, 21 September 2012

Life in the 21st Century - Political Correctness

I was answering a questionnaire this morning, regarding a recent cruise we had been on with Royal Caribbean to Norway.  Unlike many market research requests, (like those on the phone), it actually did only take 10-15 minutes to complete. The final question was:

 "Which of the following best describes your gender?"

There followed the normal choice of M or F boxes to tick.Talk about having tactfully to compose a question.  I wonder if many people were still unable to tick one box?


  1. The simplicity of the answer boxes certainly does not match the implied complexity of the question. They provided a digital answer to a question asked with an analogue implication. Did they have a write in section?

    Alas without a write in section or the choice of DRIED UP OLD COOT, I would not be able to answer this question honestly. I imagine that my hormone levels are feminine, age reduces testosterone, and I am no doubt flooded with estrogen.

  2. No, there wasn't a place to 'write-in'. Clearly, the question composer had not thought there needed to be a place for further options. Cheer up, Sextant, you sound very masculine to me.

    1. But Fiftyodd,

      "Which of the following best describes your gender?"

      The question almost demands a further rich and detailed explanation. If they simply wanted to know a plumbing based answer, could not the question been posed:

      Gender? _____M _____F

      For instance on my driver's license it states: Sex: M. Technically that is a correct answer and it agrees with every document ever generated about me (well except some graffiti on my locker once in junior high). As an aside I have often been tempted to reply:

      Sex? Yes!

      But when you ask "Which of the following best describes your gender?" Now many factors come to mind.

      -- A young marine called me an "Air Force Pussy" at Kadena Air Base in 1973.

      -- My wife and son laugh at me because I love the movie "Sleeping in Seattle". They have called me a big wussie.

      --I have been called a bleeding heart liberal c--t when defending various aspects of feminism to the boys at work.

      --I hate sports and NASCAR!!!!

      --The boys at work have described my various interests as c--ty, as in "Grow a set and quit reading that c--ty shit."

      --I freely admit that I love my wife and prefer being with her than having a night out with the boys.

      --I refused to go to the girly joints on business trips. I was subjected to much derision over that but I noticed nobody went without me.

      --My wife's uncle wanted to stop in Hooters for a burger. I told him I was not allowed in Hooters. He made fun of me later in front of the entire family. (Ha Ha! Little did he realize I got laid that night because of that refusal...ha! Some times nice guys finish first. There is method to my wussiness.)

      --I read Fifty Shades of Grey.

      --I am currently reading Vagina by Naomi Wolf. (I suppose the boy's from work comments would literally be true in this case...oh dear I hope Wolf doesn't read this, she will lose 3 nights sleep--some one called a vagina a bad name.)

      --As I get older I seem to be getting a little puffy about the breasts...not man boobs per se, but a little puffy...I tell myself that it is just fat.

      --While I don't like opera per se, I would rather have to sit through an opera than a boxing match.

      --I have a inner goddess--she is 13 years old and just had her first period. She loves romance.

      --If my mother could read my inner goddess's thoughts she would repeat the line she made about a flighty female cousin back when we were teens: "A good 6 inches of hard manhood delivered furiously and often would straighten that girl right out." Oh dear the implications of that are most unpleasant.

      --I have a inner cool dude--he is 9 years old and likes spaghetti, pizza, and hamburgers, and fantasizes about what girls look like down there--it has to be really cool.

      --My good friend Alicia kicked my ass in the comments on my blog for my lamenting violence and excessive competition in women's sports.

      --Estrogen I worry about it, both environmental and ingested.

      Do you see what I mean? Yes, I identify myself as a man to the world, but when you start digging deeper can a simple male or female answer adequately answer the question

      "Which of the following best describes your gender?"

      Oh by the way, I really love women's underwear, black stockings and red high heel shoes...

      with my wife properly contained there-in. Oh my!

      You can read about how I got my ass kicked by three women one time when I was feeling my oats:

    2. Once again, I am going to steal my reply from your blog and post it in mine. Sorry to be such a schmuck. (Well at least it is masculine)!