Saturday, 29 September 2012

Got the Sulks

I thought I would report progress on my jigsaw (5000 pc), started in January.  Having got to the 'blue bits' two months ago, I have ground to a bit of a halt. When I had visitors two weeks ago for a week, we were a bit short on entertainment one afternoon, so in a weak moment, I allowed them to work on my puzzle for an hour or so, pretty confident that they might be able to place a possible 3 pieces between them in this time.  To my dismay, the one lady's eyes lit up light beacons, she was galvanized into action and despite my saying that the shoals of tiny fish would be almost impossible to place in the time - she finished two fairly large areas in twenty minutes!  Luckily, it was then time to make dinner, so we all traipsed inside, and the beacons were extinguished.  What gets me really is that this lady talks so slowly, I imagined she would do everything else at the same pace. Wrong! I have now ignored my puzzle for the subsequent two weeks since their departure, glaring at it accusingly from time to time.  How could it allow someone else to so easily fit about fifty pieces when I have labored so long and hard for months?  I've learnt my lesson: no-one else is allowed to have a go.  In all probability therefore, it will take me another year to complete. That's OK.  As it is, I shall have to confess that the two 'blue' areas beneath the turtle are not my own work.   Such humiliation.


  1. Some of the most not so bright people I've known are great at puzzles. Or, maybe I'm the not so bright one when it comes down to it.

  2. You're a better woman than I.
    I would've given the slow woman the whole thing and dusted off my hands.

    1. You have to understand that we puzzlers are purists - we have to place every piece ourselves. I am already comtemplating removing the offending sections and redoing them. NB. This lady is in no way mentally 'slow', she just speaks slowly. I have only known one other person like this - she was headmistress of a large school. Perhaps most of us just speak too quickly?

  3. The human mind is a funny mechanism. I knew a guy that come into the gas station I worked at during college. This guy had no conception of what I was talking when I explained his bill. Put a deck cards in his hands and he was a master entertainer. He was on all those casino lists of persona non grata. My father knew from the bar, he claimed to have a photographic memory. They went down to the train tracks and watched a train go by. The old man asked this guy what the serial number was on the 31st car. The guy knew it.