Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - review - LOL

One of our librarians was writing a book review for the staff Book Club of the above notorious title.   Searching for a good beginning, she began..
    "I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account of the story...."
Good, heh!!
 My own review will follow when I've speed-read them all - romantic fiction has never been my thing. I plowed through most of the first book on the plane, coming home from the UK.  I actually found parts of it quite funny - and shades of Harry Potter in the lengthy contract Ana is asked to sign.  I already found in the first book signs that she will not be a complete victim. After all, she negotiates the requirement to go to a Personal Trainer down from 4 hours a week to 3 1/2. (I think that's correct.)  I listened to an interview with E.L James, dated April of this year, before the books came out in print:  she freely admits she got the plot idea from the "Twilight" novels which she loved.  I actually think this rather nice lady, made a very clever and savvy study of what would be a best-seller in today's market, she did her Internet research and made herself a huge fortune. I take my hat off to her.  


  1. E.L. James does seem to be a down to Earth sort. In the interview I saw she made no claims to be a good writer and was rather amazed by the whole thing.

    I only read the first novel. Decided that I hate BDSM and was quite pleased with the way it ended, except I would made a short story of it. Here is my review:


    While I didn't really care for the book, I have been rather fascinated with the reaction the book has engendered.

  2. I've not read the book yet and can't decide if I want to. I read someone that says it pretty good and worth it and then some that say no. I guess it's one of those things I have to decide on my own.

  3. You need to be a bit broad-minded, that's all, and possibly, not draw any conclusions until the end of the third book. It's always a good idea to read a controversial book yourself and make up your own mind. Maybe you can borrow a copy?

  4. I was reminded of this before. It leaves so many questions in my mind.