Monday, 10 September 2012

Can a leopard change its Spots?

Google image resembling my brother's study

Chatted to my brother on Skype yesterday: he related an amazing change in his 18-year-old son (the one who got dreadful marks in Matric but is immediately working as a Software Developer). It is to do with the state of his bedroom.  For my dad's funeral, I wanted to mount a display of photographs and my sister-in-law reluctantly admitted that we might find a suitable pinboard in her son's bedroom - but she was ashamed to let me inside.  Assuring her that I was unshockable we ventured in after pushing open the door with some difficulty. Sure enough the way was almost impenetrable, there being about a six inch layer of debris covering every inch of floor, but we tiptoed over it, unfortunately crunching on a couple of hidden items on the way (CDs or memory sticks?) and retrieved the said pinboard from behind the radiator, whence it had slipped from its moorings on the wall.  Pleasingly for me, it was in a clean and virgin state, never having been used - so that was good for my purpose, if testimony to the failure of intent of the original gift i.e. to encourage M to organise his life. A month later, now established as a working man and also recently put in charge of a Boy Scout group,  M has developed a conscience about setting an example for the younger boys and of his own volition, he has tidied up his room, thrown out years of rubbish and vacuumed his floor.  My brother says the carpet looks like new, as it has never seen the light of day, much less had any exposure to strong sun. Hmm.. wonder how long this will last? Perhaps my brother should address the question of his own study.


  1. I believe teen aged boys can change, but I am not so sure about your brother. I have heard that organized is not the same as being neat. I have a friend whose office is much like the image you posted but she can put her hands on any thing she wants in a matter of seconds.

  2. Have to admit my brother can do the same. You make a good point.

  3. I knew guys at work that had years of junk piled up in the cubicles. They could reach into the alluvial piles and pick a document with surprising accuracy.

    My bosses boss was replaced with a neat freak who declared that an engineer's desk was a reflection of his engineering. Ergo he expected to see clean and organized desks. I didn't like the S.O.B. and that was the last time I cleaned my cubical until I retired. Five years of crap piled up, I hated it but I wanted to have a run in with the prissy bastard. Never a word.

  4. My son was the same way with the junk in his room...he seems to have changed now...Maybe the Marines helped him to change:)