Friday, 14 September 2012

Breast Implants - thorny issue or not?

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A young person, known to my husband and myself has decided to have breast implants, having been reduced to the proverbial two fried eggs after devotedly breast-feeding three children for six months each. I was a little surprised as she is pretty young and I imagined this is something you might consider if you are older - and wealthier,  (this being South Africa, remember - we are a little behind the times). Not so. I am clearly old-fashioned and am informed by the 'young crowd' that 'everyone' is doing it and taking bank loans in the same way that you would pay off a smart car. Insidiously then, the fashion and the desperate desire to conform and have the best body money can buy has arrived in the Cape. I do wonder that the men think about this?  I'm sure there was a time that men used to be fascinated by all different sizes and shapes of mammary glands - now there is a perhaps dare I say it - Boring Uniformity?  Maybe only in California?  Certainly, the girls here don't seem at all interested in their partners' opinions - they are only concerned about how they look in their bikinis. Actually, I don't blame them, I am just envious really. After all, this girl just wants her original curves restored. My husband, bless him, had the last word when I told him that M was going for a Boob Job.
  "What's she having?" he asked, in tones of minimal interest, " a reduction?"


  1. Interesting topic...I personally dont understand why so many women are doing this. Granted from a mans perspective...they do look good in a bikini. I do know someone who did this and it did not change the way I looked at this person...meaning...I didnt look at her boobs any more or any less than I did before.(lets face it..guys look no matter what size they are) But I do understand the "wanting to change the way you look" mentality. I mean if I could go and have a surgury that only required two small incisions and I could come out with ripped abs and large biceps....I might do the same thing.

    1. Of course you do know that you can have your abs done - it just takes money

  2. You said "I do wonder that the men think about this?" Ergo I take that as an invitation to wax poetically with great enthusiasm. Remember you asked for this.

    Sorry I like only the real McCoys, unaltered by the hand of man. I look at it a little bit like this, do I want to go to bed with a plastic blow up doll? No, I want a real flesh and blood woman, and I would like all her parts to be genuine original equipment. I also want her to respect herself for the person she is and not think that she needs improvements. Personally, I don't like huge breasts. Anything in the range of naturally large to medium to minute is fine with me. Something that looks like the nose cone on a missile just don't do it for me. There is one set that I have become attached to and I am quite fond of them, and as such don't need to worry about all the others. But as a theoretical statement, they are all good as long as they are real.

    Having said that I am sympathetic to women who want breast reductions. Some of the idiots in my end of the species seem to think that large breasts equates to a promiscuous woman and ergo are available for commentary, staring, and hitting on. Such men are asses, and make me ashamed of my gender. Some of the abuse that women with large breasts have to endure is just heartbreaking and it pisses me off. Why then, would a woman want to induce that behavior from men by having a breast enhancement? Its like that son of bitch kissing feet at the airport. Charming my ass!

    Now for a practical concern. Breasts are rather amazing erogenous zones, or at least the pair that I am familiar with are. I would be very upset if my wife had some surgery that would affect the sensitivity of her breasts. I have heard that enhancement can cause nerve damage, I don't know if that is true for reduction. In a recent comment I said something about function taking a back seat to fashion. Well when it comes to losing sexual function for fashion, that concept to me is just totally unacceptable. Give me a pair of live fried eggs (your words not mine) that leap in interest to my caress to a pair of fake dead missile nose cones any day.

    Ooops too long continued below.

    1. Continued From Above:

      Which brings me to another topic of popular surgeries today. Labiaplasty, hacking off the inner labia. Why in the world would anyone other than the rare woman with genuine hypertrophic labia want to subject herself to such horrific butchery? For the smooth "Barbie" look that is being popularized by pornography? As with all surgeries there is a risk of complication including nerve damage that results in permanent reduction in sensation of the vulva making orgasm difficult if not impossible. One US doctor reports that 10% of his case load is for "revision" surgery (make that corrective surgery) for botched jobs. So women are submitting themselves to a very painful procedure that may permanently destroy their sex lives for a standard of beauty determined by sweaty young men masturbating in front of computer screen. Excuse my French but it f---ing pisses me off. Not to mention OB-Gyns who are pushing this bullshit with the "ugly" / beautiful before and after photos. Why? Cash, it is unregulated, there are no standards, and they can charge upward of 10 times the amount that they receive for a hysterectomy, for a relatively simple yet dangerous procedure.

      And why did this all of sudden become the hot fashion item? Well another fashion statement from porn, the south of the border shave or Brazilian wax job. It became popular in porn to show the action and also make the female stars look pre-pubescent. Now with no hair the inner labia was at times exposed and it became a negative body image issue. Well hair will grow back but inner labia, nerves, and sexual function will not.

      And as far as what men think about that, I can't speak for the young bucks who have learned their sexuality from porn, but for us old timers, we like the petals, they are charming and quite beautiful and just a lot of fun.

      Having endured genital mutilation myself through the standard US circumcision of infants, I have a real sensitivity to the medical industry trying to fix up problems that don't exist. Of course I don't know what I am missing but infant circumcision results in the loss of 12 to 15 square inches of highy innervated tissue on an adult. It also can result in unnatural abrasions to both partners and premature ejaculation. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure that I have lost a lot, and yes it pisses me off.

      I wished to the bottom of my heart that women would start recognizing and believing in their own natural beauty just as they are. We evolved together to be attractive to each other, we don't need improvements! Any man who can't love a woman as she is naturally, is a man who does not deserve that woman and her wonderful love.

      Sorry for the blunt language, but I am a little looney on this subject, but somehow I think you probably expected that, and I didn't want to disappoint you. Ha Ha! This will get the old bastard riled up!

    2. Oh by the way, you have to keep those thorns (in your post title) away from breast implants. They may suddenly deflate.

    3. Ah, Sextant, I knew you would wax (ahem..) 'lyrical' on the subject. I find your comment so far reassuring and generally a boost for those of us that remain 'untouched up'. Thank you.

    4. You will do fine just the way you are. You can't improve perfection.

  3. Well, you know . . . I have a different perspective on the subject from that of your youthful friend. I have one real one and that's all. The doctor told me that an implant would be so different from the normal old one I've had all my life that it seemed just silly for me to go through all that.
    Besides . . . once you get all that surgery, isn't the whole structure . . . numb? So yeah . . . they look good, but if you can't feel them, what's the point?

  4. To my mind, it seems like women have gone a bit insane or are just plain stupid. I've always been flat-chested and like myself that way. Big boobs look like they would be in your way and heavy to carry. There is something very strange about a society that convinces women to cut into their body and place silicon in their mammary glands. I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I did seriously consider a face lift at one time. However, I cancelled it because I couldn't handle the idea of someone cutting into my skin.
    And God help us all! I had not heard of the labia surgery before. What is the matter with women???

    1. @ Rubye,

      Here is a short article on aesthetic vaginal surgery:

      I don't think that there is anything wrong with women except that they are very susceptible to body image issues. Despite the efforts of feminism, our culture instills in women a terrible desire for youth and beauty. Women's self worth is inextricably tied to standards that have typically been determined by fashion and Hollywood. Unfortunately with the ubiquitous nature of pornography, some fashion standards (not to mention methods) are now being foisted on women that are totally absurd. Women are spending $5,000 to $10,000 of their own money (it is not covered by health insurance) for a procedure that for most part didn't even exist prior to widespread porn and shaved nether regions. Who the hell is going to see the results?

      So I ask you why does a labioplasty cost 5 to 10 grand, and a OB-Gyn will typically get $800 for a hysterectomy?

      If you are interested I wrote a post on this at my blog that has additional links:

  5. Yes, labioplasty is an appalling thought - just imagine destroying all those nerves. A great pity. Brazilian waxes certainly have a lot to answer for.