Friday, 21 September 2012

Behold, the Real Me!

Smiling - uneven look to be corrected

Not smiling - but not miserable or cr
Sextant is always so incredibly honest about himself that I am inspired to share with you the following:  I am going to have my eyes fixed ! There I've said it and as you have no doubt seen the pics first - I hope I have everyone's blessing?  I do subscribe to the ideal of "growing old gracefully", I really don't object to this but I find that as my eyelids begin to fall lower and lower over my lashes, there are several consequences of which the most powerful one to me now is that I recognise myself less and less.   Also, I notice more and more that people ask me if I am cross or upset when I am nothing of the sort. Putting on mascara is becoming more tricky. If I don't wear powder eye-shadow the folds in the lids seem to stick together. The bags under my eyes make me look constantly tired (I really don't mind the actual wrinkles).  The most relevant thing to me is that this is one area of plastic surgery in which the costs have come down enormously.  I don't even have to go to the operating theatre or pay anaesthetist's fees.  The 'procedures' get done in the surgeon's rooms, with a nurse in attendance and just a local anaesthetic near to each eye. The secret here is that you do either the lids or the bags but not both together. Then next month you go back for the other op. The total cost is less than half that of going to theatre for both at once. I can't wait. The nearest date I could get is November 16th. Amazingly, I am going to the same surgeon that my sister-in-law went to 15 years ago when he was just starting out.  Her lids are still good and her bags have not come back, so that's a good reference. Watch this space for more pics...  I keep wondering if this is a vanity thing? Well to some extent yes - although I remember my poor mom could hardly see out of her eyes as she got older, the lids hung so low. It's a shame that she was so terrified of doctors she would not have considered getting them fixed. I've also heard that your vision can be affected. I have to confess though (re pics on this post) that my contact lenses give a somewhat false pretty blue colour to my eyes which are in fact, a sort of muddy green.  On the plus side - I have not worried about the quality of the pics - I just pointed the camera at me and took them myself so they are a bit distorted.


  1. Good for you! If something is correctable, why not? Who wouldn't wear glasses to correct vision problems? This is just another way to stay well.

  2. For me it would be a vanity thing, but I think given our world today that is okay. Without some vanity we are shunned by some. I'm looking forward to seeing your story unfold as I plan to do the same in a few years. I've been told Medicare pays for it once your eyelid gets in the way of your field of vision.

  3. Fiftyodd,

    You asked for blessings. I have told you in my belief in not messing with perfection. We got older and that perfection becomes a little harder to defend in our minds, but I think you are great just the way you are.

    I do worry about nerve damage. How will you bat your eyelashes at your husband when you need something done? Oh wait that was your daughter, sorry.

    Of course, I will bless anything you decide is important for you. Make sure you consider all the risks and ask for patient referrals.

    Hey as long as you keep the cosmetic surgeries north of the shoulders blessing are readily granted.

    When the time comes, good luck with your surgery and may your recovery be rapid and painless.

  4. A dear friend of mine has suddenly found that her whole forehead is drooping into her eyes. The tipoff was when she couldn't wear mascara without it turning into eyeshadow. Eventually, it gets so you can't SEE because of the weight on your eyelids. You go for it, girl! You'll feel so good every time you look in the mirror!

  5. Good for you! You go girl. I actually just got a bid for having the same thing done. This is the fourth time I have done so! This time, I am actually going to do the surgery. I have to wait a while because we are moving, but it will be done in the next six months. I have to pay to have the bags done because in the U.S. that is considered cosmetic and insurance won't pay it. At least the hooded eyelids is considered medical and covered. Can't wait to see your results.

    1. Hmm... you've given me an idea. I am going to ask my Medical Aid if they will help with the lids - since I can supply pics with what my mother's looked like at 80.... I'll let you know what they say.