Tuesday, 28 August 2012

One More Airport Encounter - Not Mine

Librarians are a surprising breed.  At our local library we have two sexy sirens, several average-looking ladies, one young man and a library stereotype - mousy, glasses, academic & dressed like a somewhat younger Nanny McPhee.  One of our sexy sirens  - a delightful person, I may add, and much loved by all the old gentlemen patrons - went off for a holiday in Paris with her husband.  M sports one of the best figures I have ever seen, entirely innocent of surgery and in her late forties, she likes to show off her admirable curves.  On her return from her holiday, she entertained us with an airport story.  In her bubbly way, she told us how she had donned a figure-hugging, knee length dress and high heels for her journey home and piled her blonde hair on top of her head in casual curls (as we did in the sixties) and while waiting to check in, she had been approached by a Frenchman (I am sure his age is not relevant). Entirely ignoring her husband, he fixed her with an admiring gaze and said that he must kneel before the vision of such beauty and kiss her feet - which he promptly did. Her husband merely walked away, pretending not to notice.  What is it with the Continentals? Are they really more romantic and spontaneous than the rest of the world?  Whatever.  It totally made her day.


  1. My wife and I would hardly fit into the demographic of which you speak, but at one time she did. Had that incident occurred to us I would probably be rotting in some French prison.

    I am not amused with your story. Well I am, but I am but sort of a pissed off amusement. You don't go and eat escargot and then come up and kiss my wife's foot. Yick! Horney bastard!

    Romantic and spontaneous? I don't think so. Egotistical and lacking self control, perhaps, but romantic? That strikes about as romantic and respectful as a dog humping her leg. Two minutes later the spontaneous son of bitch will be kissing some other woman's foot, probably spreading athlete's foot around if not something worse.

  2. I guess we know who doesna't have a foot fetish, but I kind of agree. I think it would be wierd to have someone kissing your feet in public.

  3. I hate my feet (ugly) so I have to agree with you both.

  4. Perhaps she was flattered in a pissed-off sort of way? (Pissed off at her husband, that is).

    1. BTY The horny bastard probably looked up her dress while we was worshipping her feet. I wouldn't blame her for being pissed at her husband. Contrary to the above, I do have a passion for feet although I wouldn't call it a fetish per se. But I find my wife's feet alluring, especially in red shoes and I would not be willing to share them with some damned gigilio hanging around an airport. Here are some of my red shoe adventures:


  5. Thanks for the story reference.... looking forward to a giggly read!