Saturday, 11 August 2012

A View of Cherry Tomatoes

One thing about visiting my eccentric (to me) brother is to constantly marvel that his two sons are real chips off the old block.  The 18-year old, although brilliant, didn't fit into the school 'system' and consequently disappointed his parents by not getting the grades to go to university.  However, he has immediately had the good luck to be able to get a job in Software Programming through a family friend who runs a business which basically sells a programme called 'Quoteworks' which they sell and customise for companies. (At least, I think that's what it's about). Unluckily, one of the partners suddenly died and left a gap for a programmer. and lo, this young man now happily departs every morning on his scooter, earns a reasonable first salary as a 'trainee' and pays his mother for his board and lodging, while building up a CV. The other youngster, 16, has the school cup for Mathematics, is the Chess champion and good grades for everything, but failed his 11+ exam!  He is a fussy eater: one of the many things he dislikes is tomatoes in general and in particular, cherry tomatoes. When challenged, his reply was:  "They have a weird surface area in relation to the inner liquid".  I have to admit I was a bit gobsmacked but not really surprised.


  1. Interesting pair of nephews. I have entertained different complaints on cherry tomatoes mostly in the arena of how to eat them at a restaurant and not appear as a barbarian. Often the solution is to leave the cherry tomato untouched. The skin of a cherry tomato resists being punctured or cut, making standard table utensils useless. So after chasing a slippery with dressing tomato about the plate, I generally give up. They are easily launched onto your fellow diners tables, often seem to be pressurized, successful breaching the hide results in an explosion of juice usually flung on one's shirt or blouse, and if one simply pops the whole thing in their mouths, the explosion results in juice and pulp being propelled in an unpredictable manner: choking, nasal sprays, and perhaps damage to one's eardrums are a possibility. The damn things are dangerous.

    I love tomatoes and having to leave one or several on my plate untouched always is a source of sadness. However I don't believe that I ever for a moment considered the "weird surface area in relation to the inner liquid." But he is right...well at least I think he is right.

    1. Hee, hee, SExtant, you are funny!

  2. The worst thing about cherry tomatoes is that they sometimes spit at you! Fork in and splat! Right over your clean shirt when you're trying to make a good impression. The best thing about them is you can use them as snooker balls or monster eyes. University education isn't the best path for everyone. Over here in England some clever youngsters are being put off by fees that my generation never had to face.

  3. The knack is to pick them up in your fingers, pop into your mouth, close mouth firmly, THEN BITE WITH LIPS CLAMPED SHUT !
    Yes - I got a government grant circa 1970 - which didn't have to be repaid. But then only 5% of the population was expected to go to university. Times have changed.