Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Truly Inspirational Sporting Moment

Did you watch the Wimbledon Men's final on Sunday?  I am not a great sports enthusiast and haven't watched Wimbledon since Chrissie Evert wore those divine frilly knickers and women and tennis clothes were cute. I have to show an interest in rugby because of my husband, but I usually manage to watch just the last 15 minutes of any match: ditto other International sporting events although I do have a weakness for Gymnastics. However my interest was piqued on Sunday as there hadn't been a Brit in the Men's Final since 1938 so we by chance we tuned in half way through the fourth set when Federer looked as if he could go another three and Murray was fading. I take my hat off to the great British Public - what amazing camera shots of the thousands of supporters watching the big TV outside of the tennis grounds. Apparently, a more than usually dour Scot, who had previously wished to dissociate himself from the English, Murray must have been humbled by the overwhelming applause he was shown when he finally lost to the amazing Federer, who waited smiling and patient on the sidelines to be interviewed while Andy struggled to compose himself but gave way to tears at the roar of the crowd. He won them over and was forgiven both for losing and for his previous comments. It must have been a complicated moment for him. And finally it was Federer's turn: what a nice man is he: gentlemen both. Lovely to watch and learn.....  And this pic of my cyclamen?  Well, this represents another inspirational moment for me.  I was on the verge of throwing this plant away, as it appeared to expire during a heatwave and lost all its leaves. Something made me give it a second chance and I moved it to a cooler spot:  six months later - a leaf appeared, and then another.  And look at it today!  Nature really does teach lessons about perseverance and starting over and all sorts of other things as well. Don't you agree?


  1. I exceeded my annual quota of watching sports with about 7 to 8 minutes of horse racing. I watched the three races of the American Triple Crown, at a little over 2 minutes per race. This is 7 minutes more than my usual time devoted to sports annually. I chose my favorite horse based on a ball cap that the owner wore. My favorite lost the Kentucky Derby, didn't run the Preakness, and then won the Belmont.

    I didn't watch the tennis match, but did watch some of the Jubilee celebrations and was taken with the patriotic fervor of the Brits--a lot Union Jacks! I have a rather complicated relationship with the British Monarchy. Is it possible for a Yank of Scot-Irish descent (mostly Irish and I would imagine truth be known Micky Irish at that) to be a royalist? Yes I like the royal family. You have to admit that their public image has improved since Kate joined their ranks!

    Nature and love. Your plant owes its second life to the fact you felt something for it and didn't throw it away. Love gave it the second chance and nature took it. There has to be a lesson in that for humanity. I strongly feel that a very similar principle is responsible for the long term success of marriages. It might be something as simple as the willingness to sit and watch some rugby, not because you give a damn about rugby, but you very much love your husband. I think plants respond to loving people. My wife's plants always thrive.

  2. I"m not a saint though. Hubbie has been in bed with "Man Flu" for 4 days now. I did start out being sorry for him, breakfast in bed twice, numerous drinks brought to the bedside. However, I do not have the disposition for nursing and my patience has already worn thin which has led to 'words'. However, as in the (lengthy) past, I expect we shall both get over this and consign the unhappy remarks on both sides to the trash bin. At the moment we are not speaking... I look forward to some good 'make-up' sex in about two weeks time.

    1. Oh oh! Well try to get back to speaking soon. However I agree if he has the flu, the make up sex must be delayed, unless of course you conveniently would catch the flu otherwise.

      Back in our hornier days, I had a cold and my wife wanted to make love. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said that between me and the kid running around with colds she may as well catch it the fun way. We did make love, and she did catch the cold. I told her that technically her cold was a sexually transmitted disease. BTW sex does wonders for a congested sinuses.