Friday, 20 July 2012

Richmond, Book Town - Karoo, central South Africa

The first two cottages, typical country-style, thick walls, built for the hot sun.

At least there are places to stay

Four cottages knocked into one - books everywh
Part of our Karoo holiday this year was an  unexpected visit to the little town of Richmond, reached by ground road some 30 miles from a family farm. We spent the morning browsing the old books and memorabilia inside four cottages which now form one continuous shop.
Books are not the only decoration
These little country towns struggle to survive nowadays but at least this one is a haven for bibliophiles and quite a number of tourists therefore visit it each year. I discovered that there are book towns world-wide as seen on this poster: 
34  Book towns world-wide - Archer City, Texas, Brownville, Nebraska & Stillwater, Minnesota - bottom of the list
I could not live in a small town myself: although the peace and quiet on the farms is wonderful,  I like access to shops, hospitals and movies.  Still it's nice to visit once at year and get to play with the ubiquitous litters of kittens and puppies and sometimes there are lambs to feed. I made a surprising find of old magazine covers while browsing the book shop.  More in my next post..  NB. Tried to move the pics into the text, by copying and pasting code - but not totally successful.


  1. You found your perfect spot and built your nest just the way you like it, and you know exactly what you like.

    I, on the other hand, wanted to live in in a cottage by the sea,and could never find one we could afford. Had I the resources to purchase a house by the sea and still be close to civilization, I would surely have accepted that proposition.

  2. We've done it by deciding to buy a plot of land when we had almost paid off our first house. By drawing our own basic design and having it drawn up by a draughtsman (cheap), we managed to build the shell (see pic on sidebar). We've made it a ten-year plan for my husband to finish off the inside himself (2 years left!) Hence nearly all our weekends are spent here - working. But it's created a real sense of achievement - we are the only ones in both our families to have a second home! Hopefully, renting our first will help keep up with inflation when we do retire.

  3. NB. Thus we continue to pay each month the amout we were paying on our first house.

  4. Cool little town and book shop. Trying to plant photos where you want them in blogger is almost impossible, using blogger's editors. I have a suspicion that the picture perfect blogs you see are written using a sophisticated third party html editor and exported to Blogger.

  5. Funny, I went back into the post to try to move the picture - did nothing - posted again and .... voila!