Friday, 13 July 2012

Life's Like That

Auntie Mu in the hat - mom on the left. Sisters.

I've just phoned my Aunt Muriel to wish her a happy 92nd birthday. She lives in a very nice old age home and has her own two-bedroomed flat which she keeps spotless. Only very recently has she had to get in a decorator to paint as she has had to admit reluctantly that she can't keep her balance to paint the ceilings any more and has trouble lifting her arms above shoulder height. She entertained me with a story today: her local dry cleaner was having a 'two-for-one' special so she asked her neighbor, who at ten years younger, still works a couple of days a week at a charity shop, to take my aunt's two best pairs of trousers in to the dry cleaners on her way to work. Two weeks later, my aunt ventured to enquire about their non-return - only to discover that her friend had quite forgotten about the dry cleaning request and had handed in the items to her shop to be sold! Naturally, they went immediately (someone couldn't believe their luck!) and my aunt could do nothing but be philosophical about it and have a good laugh. Luckily, her daughter took her discretely to the shops and treated her to two new pairs and my aunt has remained friends with her neighbor. Incidentally, I've never heard my auntie say a bad word about anyone all her life and she is one of the most compassionate people I know. This is why everyone loves her.

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