Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Housework and Knitting

Colours are bottle green/black/brown/beighe
 How unliberated do I sound?  Heard a BBC Women's program this week. First, an update on how much to men help with the house/children when both partners work full-time: a recent survey in the UK shows that women still do about 90% of everything.  No surprise there. Second, there was a follow-up show in which women who worked as chars for agencies were interviewed.  One had previously been a lawyer,  had helped a friend clean up her house one week-end before a dinner party, and realising how 'relaxing and therapeutic' housework was, gave up her lawyer job and now chars full-time.
I'll try these colors next - hard to find though

She, and others, said that it was also very well-paid work - up to £20 an hour in the major cities!  NB. That's about x10 what chars are paid in South Africa (shame on us).  No wonder so many 'madams' here complain about their maids. Pay peanuts - you get monkeys, as the saying goes. But then we are a third-world country, dragging ourselves up by our bootstraps... Interestingly, one of the women said she enjoyed the work because she was a perfectionist and enjoyed restoring order from chaos and I suspect that if you are lucky and you are a 'status-symbol-char', the homes you look after are pretty immaculate in the first place and easy to clean with state of the art equipment.  One lady, highly amused, said that her employer had left her vacuum cleaner to her in her will. Personally, I can't see myself taking up such a career, although my aunt did - then in her sixties - she used to clean the oven and on top of all the doors as well as the usual stuff all in one day. I only do the immediately visible stuff and follow up any bad smells emanating from my son's bedroom as these might well point to decaying socks or food. Otherwise, to de-stress, I love to knit.  My husband pointed out that I seemed to be in the doldrums recently and I realised that it was because I had no knitting or sewing project on the go.  To remedy this, I found an old pattern which looked interested from the stache I have from my mother's supply and I have set to work, not quite registering at first that I would have a spider's web of about 6-7 different balls of wool to sort out on every row, so that there would be no holes. This pic is a bit dark - I am doing bottle green/brown/beige & black for my grandson, allowing about 2 years to finish as the last complicated item had to bypass the intended child who had grown faster than my speed of knitting.  Ah well, I'm happy again:  then there is still my puzzle...... now proceeding at a snail's pace because of all 'blue bits'.  NB The cute baby is the picture on the pattern.


  1. Housework is relaxing and therapeutic? Man she must have been wound tight.

    Actually I have found certain tasks to be zen like. Sweeping huge tracts of floors with a push broom. I think if I ever got to cut a piece of level grass, that I would find mowing to be relaxing. All the places I cut grass are hilly and hurt my back and knees.

    My wife zens out washing dishes, a job I relieved from her when I retired. She would have preferred that I took over the cooking. As I tell her, if you want to eat all day, I will do the cooking. Each course will be ready about an hour after the last course. Potatoes will be served at 5, broccoli at 6, steak at 7, salad at 8, desert at 9 and after dinner coffee at 10. Either that or we can have everything either burnt or underdone at 5.

    1. Your wife is a gem for sure, and you understand cooking, at least the challenge of cooking. Sounds like a good dinner. You could at least take over the meal planning.

    2. Sextant, perhaps your skills would be appreciated in France - they eat like this, one item at a time which is relished over a couple of hours! (LOL)

  2. Lovely blog. Discovered it today. Sextant and I have been blog buddies for quite awhile. With your permission, I'd like to add your blog to the list of those I follow. Give my blog a visit and let me know. I'm Nanook, and my blog is More Crumbs from the Old Baguette (I'm an odd seventyodd.) Get there by googling:

    Do give me a visit and let me know. In the meantime, I shall be working backwards through your blogs.

  3. Nanook, great to make your acquaintance - any friend of Sextant's...., especially one who reads Blog Archives (as I do myself when I find someone I like). Like many 'old' bloggers I think most of my best posts were written circa 2007 (when I started with another blogsite in South Africa). I will definitely visit your blog - love your title. Of course, I am now actually 60+ but can't see a way to change my blogname. Hope you enjoy these retrospectives about my dad from my visit to the UK in 2007