Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey?

Anyone read this yet? I believe it is a trilogy. I thought vaguely it was about liberated sex for the over- fifties so out of curiosity and because our Book Club ladies were interested, I got a sample 50 pages or so on my Kindle.  So far it reads like a teenage love-lit (or Barbara Cartland) written by a teenager, full of cliches and a flimsy improbable story. I am not motivated to read any more.... but what is it about?  I suppose somewhere in the three volumes there is lots of steamy stuff because as we know, sex sells. But what is making it such a sell-out and talking point in several different countries.  Anyone got an opinion?


  1. It is Twilight fan fiction that some how went viral and ended being published. It is quite the hit here with women. No vampires like Twilight. Essentially naive college girl meets drop dead beautiful rich young dude who's pants hang deliciously off his gorgeous hips and who is into BDSM. He wants her for a submissive, has a playroom with whips and paddles, and a fancy contract that she is supposed to sign. She of course falls instantaneously in love with him has no interest in BDSM but realizes that she must give in to some of the BDSM to keep him interested. He gets off by spanking her. Its loaded with hot steamy sex that soon gets boring with its cut and paste quality. Some one brought up a good point on that. This originated as fan fic that had weekly installments. Every installment needed a bedroom scene so it gets a little ho hum when you read it all together in a book form. I read the first book to see what the hullaballoo was about. I hated the BDSM, although its limited. This guy gets turned on by hitting a woman. Sorry not my bag, I don't care how many helicopters he owns. The writing is poor, the girl character is a twit, and I want to castrate the drop dead gorgeous albeit broken man. I hated the BDSM, and stopped at the first book, but I have enjoyed the response the book has got with women. There are all sorts of claims of new interest in the bedroom. I reviewed the first book here. My review has spoilers, so don't read the small print if you are interested in reading the book.

    I think the popularity of the book is that it is loaded with sex (albeit kind of boring after the first 5 sessions) yet still has an adult fairy tale running through it, Beauty and The Beast having multiple mind blowing orgasms with the BDSM thrown in for some taboo. I would like to dismiss it as a silly erotic romance, but it has sold 31 million copies. For some reason it has struck a nerve. One of the reasons for its popularity also is the privacy afforded by Kindles, iPads, Nooks--e-readers. Women can download this and read it without flashing a cover around. Myself, I think it just may be one of those in the right place at the right time sort of phenomena. The sex to bodice ripping ratio is high, there is handsome broken prince, and BDSM thrown in for some novelty all available on an e-reader.

  2. I must say it sounds extremely boring. Thanks for your help, Sextant.

  3. I know that our little library has the trilogy and that the waiting list is long--a lot of folks from other towns who don't want the locals to know they are reading it, too. I have not cracked one open and don't think that I will be tempted. I have heard their popularity has been associated with increased sales of handcuffs.