Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where things Hide

I've just found my favorite nightdress after hunting for it for about eight months. I've looked in all the usual places, thought about where I've travelled and whom I've visited, asked around. It was nowhere to be found. I was puzzled. Last week, we packed to go away for a few days and the suitcase was too full, so at the last minute I unzipped the extra pocket on the outside front of the case - which we rarely use, and voila! My missing nightie!  So many bags/suitcases/purses these days have innumerable pockets, no doubt meant to make life easier.  Mostly, they just lead to confusion - "Now, in which pocket did I decide to keep my keys again?" During the fashion of the "big bag" - no-one could find anything inside as objects tended to behave as if they were in a tumble dryer.  At one point, an inspired designer made a smaller, compact 'organiser' to fit inside such bags whereas I simply fished out one of my old, small purses and popped it inside, so that the big bag itself remained empty.  Actually, I only struggled to keep up with this fashion for a couple of months and then gave the big purse away. Things also wriggle into tiny holes in linings of things. I've sat painfully, on many a sewing pin, accidentally left inside hems of dresses my mother used to make for me, and I've found numerous pens/lipsticks/coins inside the very flimsy linings of purses which split so easily at the seams.  Let's not even mention the flotsam and jetsam that slides down the sides of the couch, things which we only discover while searching for the remote controls. My brother once found his lost Seiko watch 18 years after he had lost it - in the lining of his beach bag, and I once mislaid a book which I am embarrassed to say I had borrowed and taken on an overseas trip. I knew I had packed it and it was only a year later that I found it in a discreet pocket in my aircraft hand luggage - and that after having had to buy the owner a new copy. My most mysterious loss of late seems to be every cup of coffee that I make during the day. I have found them in unlikely places like on the shelf in my clothes cupboard or outside on top of the trailer (no doubt put there while I was hanging the washing).  The thing is that I carry around too much stuff all the time, intending to keep the house tidy.  Still, I get a lot of exercise this way since because I'm always losing stuff, I don't sit down much.


  1. I go a good laugh here today, for all the things lost and found and misplaced. You say you stay in shape hunting for lost things? Now, that's a new twist on exercise, bound to be picked up by some 'health' guru and publicized to the world.

    If I do read about it, I'll be sure to give you credit.

  2. You have sophisticated *lost item* stories. I'm still stuck on the *lost sock* stage.

  3. Thank you girls! There is an enterprising lady in Cape Town who has started a charity for the homeless, sockless, street people. She has asked everyone with 'orphan' socks to post them to her. (She received 15 from one donor). She then pairs them up according to size and donates these somewhat 'colour challenged' 'pairs' to Homeless Shelters. I wonder how they are received? Even the homeless have their pride, don't they?