Friday, 1 June 2012

Humour Helps

I had to grin at the gym this morning - a new notice had appeared on the wall of the change room along the lines of "We do like to encourage a sharing policy at our gym, but in case anyone takes this too literally, we do recommend that you look after your valuables and put them in a locker".  In the same vein, I had to smile when I got an e-mail from my brother who does his level best to keep my old dad going: one day he went to visit and dad had decided to refuse to take any of his medicines.  Frustrated, after some gentle attempts at reasoning, my brother eventually lost it and said:  "If you don't take these pills, you may well have a stroke - and NOT DIE !"  This resonated with dad - and he took his pills and has not demurred since.


  1. I recall my doctor saying much the same to me, with the same result.

  2. Ah, you are still with us. Our gain.