Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dull and Boring

Although I do think of myself and dull and boring increasingly these days  (witness lack of posts), it is not in this context that I mention these adjectives today.  They are in fact the names of recently twinned towns - Dull, a tiny town in Scotland with 25 homes, and Boring - a small town in America with a population of 25 000.  For this item of trivia, I have to thank our morning radio programme, which features a 5-minute slot from its correspondent, Adam Gilchrist in London each morning.  He always finds a story to raise a smile. Now that's a change from the norm. .....maybe when I've finished my mammoth 5000 piece puzzle I can address the issue of my dull and boring self.  It's 3/4 done now. I'll post a picture when I've done all the remaining 'blue' bits.


  1. I have been to Crapo Maryland, which I was assured by long term residents is pronounced with a long A.

    Dull and Boring would certainly be towns where I could thrive. There is a great comfort in the usual, ease in the mundane.

    Dull is never having to be sorry for being boring.

  2. Clever. As long as you never hide your brilliance under a bushel in the cyberworld. That reminds me: when Google forces us to use the new layout in two months' time, can you please standby to show me how to find things? So far, I can only find the "Write a Post" page.

  3. I would so love to live in Dull. You'd never be short of a conversation at a party, would you?

  4. AT least you would know that there were people living in an almost identically-named place, so you would be in good company.