Saturday, 14 April 2012

I Have a New Toy

Sorry - badly wanted to post my own pic of me on bike

For various reasons my husband and I decided we have to have a scooter.  Correction - the scooter was supposed to be for me, to stop me wasting (now expensive) petrol (gas) driving around to the library and shops - my automatic choke still on most of the way. For the last two years we have looked around, hubbie turning his nose up at the cheap Chinese versions on the market and raising his eyebrows at the silly price of the Italian Vespa.  Turns out he wants to ride it too. Then fate played a hand. We drove across town to obtain a radiator hose for my son's 1986 trusty old Honda Ballade - only the Honda dealer had one that would fit. And as we walked through the showroom - Voila!  A beautiful new Honda scooter in sparkling, virgin white (well, one can dream), with all the features we had been looking for.  My husband was impressed by the fuel-injection, combination brakes and bigger wheels: I was delighted to find the shopping bag hook at the front and that a helmet or shopping bag would easily fit under the seat.  Also, the bike is pretty! More important: my husband is a Honda fanatic.  He lovingly rebuilds our forty-year old lawnmower from time to time for the sake of its everlasting Honda motor and we were at one time the proud owners of two Honda Ballade cars (the 1985 model went to my daughter). The salesman informed us that this new model scooter (Vision, 110 cc) had been brought in to compete price-wise with the Chinese (which it does), but there was to be a 5% increase on 5th April.  Done deal.  Many people have stopped to admire my machine;  I have demo-ed it for a lady in my gym class.  She is 73 and said her husband who is 83 and in a wheelchair, is driving her nuts and that her psychiatrist had thought her idea of getting herself a scooter to be a good one.  That gave me pause for thought.  Note to self:  be more patient with hubby's deafness; he's only one year older than me and we still have a long way to go. ... I can't believe it - I specially took a pic of me on my bike to show you - but no longer know how to upload it here???  What is this Picasa business?? Help !  My pics are in my I-Photo folder. No good?


  1. Cool beans with the scooter.
    I have no insight about the photo upload. Seems blogger is making changes and I have trouble keeping up. It doesn't seem like they are making things more intuitive.

    1. Huh! Intuitive - I don't have those kind of instincts. The previous user-friendly system was good enough for me.

  2. You said:

    "Also, the bike is pretty!"

    Oh good God, never go to a Harley bar. You won't survive.

    Nice machine and being a Honda it will be good. I love my CR-V.

    Enjoy your new toy!

    How to upload photos from your computer.

    Don't worry about the Picassa and don't sign up for it. It will upload all the photos in your computer and puts them on a web page. It was rather maniacal. You don't need to have an active Picassa account. Google will create one for your blog and ask you to sign up. Don't it is a pain in the ass. PIA is too weak of a term.

    When you upload a photo to your blog, Google sticks it in Picassa. As far as you are concerned, it doesn't matter. Its just some place out on the cloud.

    Here is how to up load a photo with Apple's Lion OS, Windows was similar but may have different labels.

    Create a blank line in your text by separating it into two paragraphs with a blank line in between.

    Place the cursor on the blank line.

    Click the insert image icon in the tool bar at the top of the edit box.

    A new window will open. Click on the CHOOSE FILES button.

    A file directory will open. Find your image in the file directory and click it.

    Then click the CHOOSE button at the bottom of the box.

    (At this point Google sticks the photo in your Picassa file out on the cloud someplace. Don't worry about it. And don't sign up for Picassa unless you want another frigging photo program with a web page.)

    Click the ADD SELECTED button.

    It will put your photo in at the blank line. Now you can click on the photo, select a size, position, and enter a caption.

    The one thing I have found is that at times you can have some really weird problems with positioning. If that happens you may have to just accept that this photo is not going to set where you want it. I have tried deleting and re-inserting and it just won't behave. I think a bunch of conflicting codes get embedded and you just lose control of the placement. Usually it works OK, not great, it seems a bit clunky. But sometime it gets a wild hair and it will not cooperate.

    1. Thank you SExtant, I knew you would take pity on me and have already have fathomed out the new stuff. I shall follow your directions carefully. I did have a go at the Google thing.... it seemed to upload one small arcane selection of my own photos ( looked to me at random!), merely leaving me totally puzzled. I shall try to do the 'ignoring' thing you recommend. Why can't they leave well alone??????? I've already got 'Iphoto' and 'Picasa' on my Mac which confuses me enough already.