Monday, 5 March 2012

Trying to Beat the System

Sorry for the gap between posts - been to the UK and back now.  Dad - still the same - mentally OK, totally bored, fed up in the hospital, wants to go home, where he can still imagine his surroundings.  It's a waiting game at the moment... meanwhile, I am back and its been Oscar season!  I had to see a lot of movies in the last three weeks - to whit:  my Oscar favourites were: Warhorse and Hugo.  Both of them - absolutely marvellous.  Without going into detail: I thought 'The Artist' to be very good and enjoyable - but not really original?  It didn't engage the emotions. "The Descendants" - I thought very average - the older teenage girl was great, Clooney was 'himself' and didn't move me at all.  I didn't even shed a tear in this film - I think because the wife was always comatose - we didn't have a chance to relate to her.  The scene in which he bid goodbye to her - left me cold - he doesn't have it in him to act this well.  However, Clooney in comedy or as a villain (he was brilliant in The Ides of March) - superb. Hugo and Warhorse - moved me, and my friends to tears.  How could Ben Kingsley not be nominated for an Oscar???  The ways of Hollywood are strange. ... I digress - the point of the title of this post is to mention that my friend and I try to defeat the rip-off prices of the refreshments at our local movie house (we don't like poporn and sweets anyway) - by taking in our own take-away coffee concealed in our handbags. It backfired this time:  in the dark, when we attempted to retrieve our take-away polystyrene cups from the depth of our purses, both of us found that the lids had come off, our handbags were stained with spilled coffee and my friend burnt her finger, sticking it into the cup. The following week, having changed purses, (mine was in the wash), I did a big supermarket shop,only to find I had left my wallet at home.  Will we change our habits? Not a damn.  At the next movie (Warhorse), my friend had brought her stainles steel coffee mugs from home and asked the cafeteria to decant our take-aways into these . That worked perfectly, thank you.


  1. Soggy purse huh? See where cheating gets you! My wife wants to see Warhorse but is afraid of all the horse carnage. We both want to see Hugo.

    As far as the Oscars go, I detest them. I sat through the damn things because my wife asked me to. I was even allowed to make comments. The height of the night was when the guy mimicked Angellina's leg pose.

    Agellina better start eating, her arms and face looked emaciated to me.

  2. You will both love Hugo and Warhorse - I sneaked a look at the end of the book before seeing the film - in case he died! He does not!! Your wife can relax - an uplifting, wonderful story. I confess I did hide my eyes during the bad war scenes though (thankfully, not too many).

  3. A friend saw Warhorse and cried her eyes out. I know, now, what movie to go rent when I need a good cry!

  4. Yes, but you will enjoy every single tear! Don't miss it!!