Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Just Cruisin' Along

In two respects: firstly,  I am marking time in my life during these hot months of Jan/Feb in Cape Town, not helped by the fact that the air conditioner in our bedroom seems to not work, despite having installed a Slow Trip (I am so knowledgeable, aren't I?)  Needless to say, the youngsters in our hardware stores have no clue what I needed - "Do you want a Dimmer Switch? asked one.  Eventually, I was directed to 'Blue Current' - a small, family run shop in a back street.  What a pleasure to find what I wanted and to be treated to personal service. Of course, my puzzle is largely demanding my time, the biggest challenge of that seems to be not to lose any of the 5,000 pieces before I get it finished - anticipated completion date at the current rate - maybe Jan 2013. And then there are the grandchildren.... 
Secondly, my husband has been scouring the holiday ads in the Sunday papers since the beginning of the year, anxious to plan something for his available leave for 2012. Last week, he spied a cruise with Royal Caribbean, starting in Amsterdam and going up to the Norwegian fiords.  He has always wanted to show me Amsterdam, since he went with work colleagues and we both fancy another cruise. We just love them. As fate would have it, the total amount was exactly what we had saved since the last time. Voila! We are paid and booked. going in May. How to tell the kids? "I'm pregnant!", I announced with a straight face, "Did you know they can completely reverse the menopause process?"  I had them fooled for about 5 seconds.  They greeted our real news rather low-key: could the word be 'envy'?  We had to remind them of our age, circumstances and of all the years when we went nowhere but the nearest beach for many years when they were small, with the cheapest caravan/self-catering accommodation. Actually, small son was the only one really delighted for us: of course, our absence doesn't affect him  (no baby-sitters required) and besides, he thinks cruises are for old guys. Ignorance is bliss.

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  1. Your cruise sounds lovely. Was the low key response due to envy or a potential calculation for the loss of services for duration of the cruise? There is at times some ulterior motive for a lack of enthusiasm in adult children for their parent's good fortune. That is not to say that we are being willfully manipulated by our children, they would never do a thing like that. I will have to use the "your mother is pregnant" tactic on my son, the next time he needs a "ride" to pick up his car at the repair shop.