Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Teenage Boys

I've finally had mail from my husband - he was pleasantly surprised on the week-end that our 22-year old helped him without complaint to dig up half the garden looking for leaks in the sprinkler system and further, assisted with knocking out half a wall in our kitchen.  (When I am away my husband gets lots of jobs done as he doesn't like sitting alone in front of the TV in the evenings.)  I privately think the surprise offer of help is because I had a word with small son before I left and asked him to keep an eye on his father, should he show signs of using any power tools: there must be a large supply of pre-cut plasters handy and also the car keys in case dad needed to be rushed to hospital for stitches. Once when I was away, hubby needed 8 stitches in his leg, owing to a broken glass in a rubbish bag he was carrying to the bin outside: he was alone and nearly passed out from blood loss before managing to phone our neighbour on his mobile. I was thinking of all this, while waiting for my sister-in-law to finish picking up the dog legacies in the garden, after having taken the dog for a long walk.  When she had done these chores, she grabbed her car keys, paused, and said to me in a surprised voice: "Why didn't I ask the boys to do those jobs as they are home this week from school?" I know why.  She wanted them done NOW, not later, or tomorrow, or not at all because they forgot.  Got that T-shirt. Her boys are 17 and 15.  I could only tell her that they do grow up one day.  My 32-year old helped paint our house.