Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Where did my Husband go Shopping?

I did a bit of a double take when reconciling our credit card slips/invoices this month: one day my husband went shopping by himself and these are some of the items on his invoice...
Catch and Toggle, small
Butt Hinge
Nylon nipple
Insert nylon Male Adaptor  ????
Yes, you guessed it:  a visit to the Hardware store partly to purchase bits and pieces to try to fix our garden's irrigation system and the hinge and toggle was for my puzzle box.  Why - what were you thinking?  (Giggle).


  1. I spent a good bit of the last 16 years ordering such things off a rather attractive young lady who worked at a fitting company.

    "3 inch nipples with butt ends"

    Male adapters, female adapters, nipples, butt ends, Ys. High pressure hose. Soft tubing. Hard tubing. Gender changers in computer wiring.

    There was one particular fitting adapter that I could easily confuse so I always had to ask, is that male or female? She would reply, "its female, the male tubing fits into the female port." Plumbing is very sexy.

    For our noise lab I had to order vibrators (acceleration standards), but they were not the dolphin brand.

  2. More giggles.... you of course realise that this post was aimed at my lady readers. Still, very interesting job you had.

  3. Oh, what thoughts these terms brought up! Thanks for the visit, and happy new year!

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