Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Life's Little Ironies

With our summer heatwave running at a relentless 100 degrees F. there was nothing for it but to retreat to the movies.  To get my own back on our new bus company which has now substituted expensive plastic bank cards for our initial paper tickets, I decided to do back-to-back two films as I was by myself - both of my movie buddies being unavailable this week. The first was the Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris" which sounded wonderful from the reviews but in fact reminded me why I am not a Woody Allen fan.  Owen Wilson was so irritating I wanted to hit him and in general, I don't like whimsical, fantasy romcoms. This one is marketed as "light as a souffle" and so it was: therefore not my type.  As a terrific antidote I then watched "Margin Call" - brilliant actors, huge suspense, great stuff. A couple of things of note: I look forward to morning shows as I usually sit in an empty movie house with my choice of seats: this time I chose a seat in the middle and got out my sandwich. I couldn't believe it when an elderly gent walked into my row and even right up to the seat next to me! "Is this seat number 7?" he asked. I pointed out that the movie house was empty and he could sit where he chose. Surely he was not going to invade my space? Mercifully, he decided to leave one seat between us (its armrest was broken), but I was still fuming wondering if the ticket guy had deliberately put us together? To my relief, another five people wandered in before the film began and sat at respectful distances away from each other. In the end, my whole plan backfired, as I lost my favourite pashmina, which I take to combat the icy air inside the movie house, somewhere between the mall and the bus stop, so I saved no money after all.

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  1. Did the elderly gent make a PIA of himself? It doesn't sound as though he did. So why did he invade your space? My guess, he is missing his late wife and just felt a little less lonely sitting near a woman. The fact that she was a good looking woman didn't hurt either. (Then again maybe he was hungry and was hoping you would share your sandwich.)

    I hate when people invade my space, doesn't happen often, but I always ask my self why. Loneliness is a terrible thing.

    Sorry you lost your pashmina, what ever it is.