Monday, 2 January 2012

In a State of Demented Joy

Although my husband knows full-well that my addiction to Jigsaw Puzzles will mean months of desertion of housewifely duties, he is still willing to service my annual addiction - and I have once again received my heart's desire for Christmas - this time a whopper of 5,000 pieces, picture all carefully covered up to make it that bit more challenging.  He hadn't quite anticipated how big it would be however, so has had to spend all day yesterday in his garage, making boards and a huge child-proof box for me to blissfully waste away a few hours every day, yet able to whisk everything away the minute the doorbell rings and I hear the patter of tiny feet. 
The logistics  (1.65 m.  x 1.2 m )  means that the finished product will be exactly as wide as I am tall, but there will be an empty wall preserved for it in our retirement home.  After this, though and after framing last year's two  (both 2,500 pieces) I shall unfortunately have to take up another hobby. No more space. NB. This is me during the preliminary sorting progress - the big board and box are in our outside playroom.  Below is hubby on Boxing Day - welding and fixing parts of our new gates, inexpertly put in by the contractor, who left sharp edges for our guests to wreck their tyres on.


  1. Wow that is a big puzzle! You are going to put it together and have no idea what it looks like? Amazing! Good luck with it.

    You solved a mystery for me. I was wondering if South Africa had Boxing Day. We have a shopping spree in the US, but no one calls it Boxing Day.

    Its a shame that your husband has to redo the contractor's work.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Well, they've renamed it "Family Day" here, but I grew up in England - old habits die hard.

  3. My goodness. You don't know what it looks like?

  4. Actually, I knew after unpacking the first few pieces - it's either a tropical aquarium or tropical fish in the ocean. Either way it's lovely bright colours, spots/stripes etc. - unlike my last two efforts which were incredibly difficult, being artwork by Impressionist painters! This one seems to be more like a photograph. Much easier.

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