Thursday, 15 December 2011

Waiting for Babe to Wake up,,,,,

My daughter asked me to fetch her baby this morning and take her to my house as the maid wants to leave early. Daughter had to go out somewhere. So here I am in this big modern house, waiting for babe to wake up - she's having a really long sleep this morning as she's had a cold, but now that her nose is clear she seems to be catching up on lost sleep.  I glance around but there is not a single book or magazine in this house - apart from in my grandson's bedroom (thanks to his two grannies!) to help me pass the time.  There is the TV but the maid is still here listening to her Xhoza radio programme (very loudly) so I can't do that. Their new leather L-shaped couch is so uncomfortable I can't sit on that for a nap either. There are no 'comfy' chairs..... I remembered that their old (comfy) couch has been relegated to the landing upstairs, so I've had a nap on that after attempting an to complete an old Sudoku which I found in my handbag. Now I've found my daughter's computer so I'm posting a blog. After this, I'm going to wake the baby.... the African language on the radio is driving me nuts.  How can there be a house with no books?  And her mother an English teacher!!



  1. It sounds as though your daughter's home is modern, minimalist, and cool. It has been my experience that cool lasts for about an hour, but comfort never gets old. Having no books is just unforgivable.

  2. There can never be too many books in a house! I don't understand how some people, particularly educated ones, don't have anything to read in their homes -- but there are a lot of them. Your granddaughter, by the way, is absolutely beautiful!

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