Thursday, 8 December 2011

How Weird am I ?

Sextant - not so lucky today . I downloaded four pics and got the code mixed up - deleted half my text!  Stuck with one pic today.  Thanks to the person who put this on the Net .

As Christmas approaches and I am getting older, I have found it necessary to be surrounded by memories.  My Christmas tree is loaded with decorations, each loaded with memory, quite different from my daughter's rather minimal 'themed' one:  I actually asked her if she had only half-finished it. It looks like one in a shopping mall. Christmas cards, I lament to say, are in short supply.  Gone are the days of snail-mail thirty years ago, when the postman made three deliveries a day, and cards flooded through our front door and thumped onto the mat. Only the old people do cards now:  last year I think I got a total of six and only sent as many. That's largely because a lot of people on my old list have died and also because postal rates overseas have rocketed, for obvious reasons.  I don't like text messages on Christmas day, nor do I appreciate digital cards arriving in my e-mail - to print out at my own cost. However, incorrigible hoarder that I am, there are about fifty of the nicest cards that I've kept over the last twenty years that I put up again each December. They are mostly from dearly-beloved relatives who have passed on and I always re-read every message before putting up a display. In this way I feel surrounded by love and am comforted by memories. It's specially meaningful this year as I have one acquaintance facing terminal cancer and a dear friend battling with ill-health.


  1. Well I don't think you are weird at all (other than maybe following my blog which is downright eccentric). Well maybe, just a little.

    My wife loads up our tree with everything imaginable. I remember when we first got married, she put all these handmade ornaments on the tree and I thought they were...well, lame--you know the crafty sort of things that women go for. I wanted the shiny reflective store bought glass bulbs. Yet as time has gone by I have come to love those ornaments, and don't much care for the glass bulbs now--they really have no character or history with us. Most of the ornaments were made by my wife and most have a tale of some sort attached to the. The mouse with the chewed ears from the first cat that we had, the clock ornaments that all say 9:30. Every year I ask, why do those clocks say 9:30? You better know why. (I didn't the first year she put them on the tree, I know now though.) In a way, a history of our marriage hangs on that tree. A picture of our son's first Christmas embedded in a bulb, various ornaments that have be ruined by long departed cats...still hung in remembrance, my son's dinosaur ornaments, a few ornaments from each of our childhoods, a small basket of twigs from a tree blown down during a hurricane in the yard of my wife's aunt. We have a demonic looking snowman and some ornaments that my son made. Our more sophisticated relatives call our tree junky and cluttered. That's right, it is cluttered with artifacts of love, each with a loving history, by a woman that I simply adore.

    Yeah, you are weird and so am I. Is it not wonderful?

    Please forgive any errors, I am falling out of the chair tired, and you can't edit comments.

  2. How great that you have a tree like mine. Sounds like you have a lot of tolerance for your cats though.
    NB Have never tried to edit a comment. Must try again with the photos though.

  3. I have a memory tree this year also! Maybe it is getting older but I think the sentimental decorations are the bestest!

  4. The cats we have now don't bother the tree. It seems it was the first few cats that we had that went after select things. So its not like we have a tree full of shredded ornaments. There are about four that I can think of that display feline wear. Tolerance for the cats is an understatement.

    You can edit posts to the blog including photos by clicking the pencil icon, but comments to a post can not be edited that I know of. They can be deleted either by the author of the comment or the blog owner, but not edited. Truly unfortunate in my case. My old fingers type just about anything they want and my proofreaders seem to read what they want to read, not what is actually there. So I gleefully read and accept the same mistake over and over. I am definitely a next day proofreader, then a next week proofreader...actually a process that never seems to end.

  5. I just take a maximum twenty minutes to write a post or it doesn't get done at all. No proof-reading.

  6. I spend hours on post just researching it. I envy you!

  7. But mine's just chit-chat - yours are academic !

  8. Academic! A very kind description.

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