Friday, 23 December 2011

Glazed look in the Eyes

Here comes Some-one I don't know

Here are examples of the perfect 'glazed look'
That was SO..... Good !
or 'how comforting a thumb can be in the presence of strangers'.   My granddaughter of 9 months absolutely won't touch a dummy.  Is there really any cause to be worried about deforming her teeth?  She has 8.  Maybe if she gives up the thumb-sucking young enough, all will be well. ??
Oh, oh,  someone else I don't know


  1. My sister sucked her thumb until she was in the third grade. My mother applied horrid tasting goos, gauze and tape, threats...all to no avail. When she was done she was done, until then, all efforts to break the habit resulted in the laughter of the gods.

    That middle picture, she seems to be saying, "Yeah, I suck my thumb, you got something to say about it!" What spirit!

  2. I have to admit we get very dirty looks - only when removing the thumb. You are right - there will be no stopping her.

  3. Well yes , if she's still sucking her thumb at weddings in her twenties , it could be a problem ....
    But at the playschool we tend to worry less about their teeth and more about their speech being affected by thumb or dummy , once they're three .
    But this young lady looks as though she won't ever fail to make herself crystal clear !!

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