Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unfortunate Economy

I've often thought marketing and advertising must be interesting fields in which to work because of the need to understand buyers' psychology.  Now when it comes to soap, shower gel and bubble bath - I'm afraid I will buy any which match exactly the colours in my bathroom - this is my most important criterion, as the products stand on show as opposed to being hidden in a cupboard.  I admit I did foolishly stray from my rule last month when I was tempted by a large, bargain buy in the form of a good shower gel. The container was opaque and did not reveal the colour of the liquid which was transparent. I was puzzled that this big tub - which should have lasted three months - was finished in less than one and remarked on it to my husband. "Oh, that was probably me,"  he said. "Without my glasses, I can't see how much I'm getting out." (Back to blue).


  1. There's definitely something about a Jumbo-sized pack that makes one use it twice as fast !

  2. I started out that way...buying colors that matched my bathroom. Now I buy lots of everything. Name a scent of lotion or shower gel and I have it.
    I am not kidding.