Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One of Life's Little Ironies

My big son is becoming notorious for his tendency to be reluctant to make any kind of decision (outside his work).  At the last minute, he decided to use up some leave and go and visit family in the Karoo for a brief 5 days - a 500-mile journey away from Cape Town. Even more last minute, he decided to send his car in for a service the day before they were due to leave with an early start.  Unsurprisingly, the car wasn't ready in time, but worse, he was told over the phone that the cost of the service would be a devastating R7800. Way over budget. So he cancelled his trip, his wife went back to work and he spent the week-end with us. Ironically, when he went to collect his car, he was informed that there had been a mistake and he had been quoted someone else's bill. His own charge was a mere R750.  But all's well that ends well: more sensibly, they will take a longer leave next year and go for two weeks so that they can visit everyone and not rush. However, I wonder the reaction of the owner who might have been told that his bill was R750 but it turned out to be R7800. Sometimes you must just count yourself lucky.


  1. Remember that story about the flapping eyelashes? Well I don't have a daughter, I explained what happened to her in the last few months of pregnancy, but not only did she grow a stinger, but she also grew a propensity for having an empty wallet.

    A few years ago my son calls me and says "Ah ah, (double ah never a good sign) hey Dad, I need a ride over to the car shop to pick up my car." Well he lived about 15 miles away and he had a contingent of friends that all lived within minutes of his place. So I keep quizzing him about different friends. Can't John take you? Can't Mike take you? Well how about Sean? etc etc. I keep mentioning more and more friends and coming up with half baked excuses. What the hell I should get something for my money. "No ah ah Dad, I need you to take me." "Ohhh, should I bring my credit card?" "Ah ah yeah Dad." The car needed tires and something for inspection. The bill was $650.00, about R5400. So on the way to the shop I hear all this BS about a payment plan. "Yeah Dad, I'll give you $50 a month till I pay that off." Uh huh. Yep. I didn't get a start date on that payment plan. Well its been three years and I am still waiting for my first payment.

    Sorry but now that I am retired, those days are done. He just learned how expensive an automatic transmission is last week. Got to start rowing your own boat there boyo. Ah kids, may I live to 99 and clean out the entire inheritance.

  2. Once saw a breath-taking house-makeover on TV. The couple said they'd just spent all their kid's inheritance. And why not?