Monday, 21 November 2011

How to Look Well-Groomed

When you live in a small town and attend church - you have to look well-groomed or people will whisper. Consequently, I have three very smart sisters-in-law who always look immaculate when they go out, even if its just to buy the paper.  On the other hand, I live pretty anonymously in a big city and I struggle to get it right. My hair just never looks perfect  - not helped by strong summer South-Easter, and I never seem to manage to keep my clothes clean. I thought I'd aced it last week but found a mark on the lapel of my cotton jacket as I was leaving home so I rushed back and addressed it with dishwashing liquid which then left a faint green residue as well as a wet mark. Too bad - it was getting late.  I thought my make-up was OK - it was - but as I got in my car my other lapel managed to brush against my fresh lipstick and when I arrived at my destination I found an old coffee stain on the pocket. Anyone any tips? I have a small suspicion that it's something to do with personality type?  (Actually, Diane usually looks good in her films - just doesn't cut it off duty).


  1. What's that last line about? Diane who?

    I have no tips. Everything I own has spots on it. I have learned to use scarves and jewelry strategically.

  2. It's Diane Keaton in the pic. Thanks so much for your tip!

  3. I have the same problem, the crueler soul in me calls myself a slob.

    The kinder soul in me, and the soul in me that I would wish to impart to you, thinks of these things as being contact with the world. We are passionate with the world we live in and we just simply like to wear a part of it.

    I do like real people, and real people frequently have spots on their clothes and mussed hair. They also age gracefully without the need for plastic surgery. Diane actually looks pretty good to me.

  4. Wow, Diane looks different from the last time I saw her!

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