Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hard-of-Hearing Husband

My husband has worn hearing aids and glasses for the last ten years and our life together is pretty harmonious except for sometimes daily tiffs about his hearing.  I try hard to be patient but many times I have to repeat myself to the point that I am told "There's no need to shout", in aggrieved tones. But yes there is! If I don't first get his attention there is no way he hears me first time: of course, it's the high tones he has problems with i.e. women or more specifically - me. The thing is the aids themselves are so damned expensive I can't believe they do not make for super-hearing: I get it (intellectually) that surrounding background noise of any description is amplified as well whereas the brains of undeaf people know how to screen these out.... but still!  The thing is I find it impossible to raise my voice without it sounding cross!  If I endeavour to make it sweet and sympathetic then he still can't hear me. Catch 22.  Any suggestions? I might have another 30 years of this - if we are lucky. Of course, by then I'll be deaf as well so there won't be a problem - we'll probably write notes to each other - if we can still see.


  1. Ditto !!
    Meals are interesting these days . I say something and then pop a forkful in my mouth . Whereupon he says , without fail ,
    I chew extra fast and then repeat it . And pop another forkful in my mouth .....
    Rennies , anyone ?

  2. Giggle ! You just have to retain a sense of humour.

  3. Mine is so annoying in social situations because he'll zone out and not listen to the conversation until he hears a word or two that interest him and then he'll say 'What was that about?' and then people (polite ones) feel they have to go through it all again!

    June - a Rennie is an anti-indigestion tablet that does wonders when you know you've eaten far too much and are suffering from it, but don't want to be reminded because of the guilt. The Rennie deals with your guilt by taking away the heartburn.

  4. My hearing is fine but I have always had trouble making out what people say. The ears are not at fault, it is the audible portion of my brain that deciphers intonation that sucks.

    Yesterday my wife and I were at the food market. An ad came over the the sound system

    "Protect your family from cold floozies..."

    I asked my wife, "Why would we need protection from cold floozies?"

    She gave me the look of amazement that women reserve for their husbands when they say something bizarre. I get that look a lot.

    "What in the world are you talking about?"

    I said, "The ad, protect your family from cold floozies. What are cold floozies?"

    She said "They were talking about cold and flu season."


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