Friday, 14 October 2011

Writer's Cramp

Although it has always been my life's ambition to write a book, the more I read, the less I feel that I could produce anything of value or of literary merit.  There have been trillions of good writers out there who by now have said everything that could possibly be said or that could make a difference.  The only thing that still resonates is that every single person in the world has a unique life story. Isn't that amazing?  Of course, whether it is of interest to anyone else is another question.  I have noticed however, that blogs with the most followers tend to be those which have more of a diary approach - particularly amongst the young. I've dipped into such blogs just to see; maybe it's because when you are young there is such a desperate need to relate to a peer group whose lives may be just as fearfully 'average' as one's own.  With age, this need recedes somewhat and we gain a little self-confidence but we still want to relate to those in our own age group or with the same interests. Does anyone read any blogs outside of these categories? Meanwhile, I have dug up a short story I started 35 years ago. Amazingly, the guy who broke my heart then found me on Facebook recently and we have been through a healing dialogue of e-mails which would now enable me to finish the tale.  The thing is, like studying for an exam - open the book/computer file  and just start!

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  1. Nice blog! The one thing I have noticed with many bloggers, myself included is that we all seem to be writers without a publisher. The other thing I have noticed, myself excluded, is that their blogs are the ones worth reading.

    I admire people who actually try to enter the world of a published author, it has to be very difficult. I find the beauty of blogging is that you just do it. You don't have to kiss no one's behind to get it published. Like everything else, there are some really great blogs and there are an unlimited number of mediocre ones.

    A short story finished 35 years after it was started sounds intriguing. Good luck with it and keep us posted on your progress. I would like to read it.