Friday, 7 October 2011

Soaps - the TV kind

What is the fascination of soapies?  In the Uk, there is one which has been running since my teenage years at least - "Coronation Street"  - the lives and loves of those living in one street in a northern England poorish area. In South Africa we have some local ones such as the very popular "7th Avenue"  (Siewende Laan) which is in Afrikaans with English sub-titles (also a street name) and we have the inevitable "Days of our LIves" and others from America.  My mother always despised this kind of show - until she got old and didn't get out much. I was astonished to see her and my dad, both glued to the screen with their headphones on (they were both very deaf by their late 80s), enjoying the thrice-weekly show together.  I was really grateful as this was the only thing they seemed to have in common by that time. I am always put off by the obvious low-budget aspects of these offerings e.g. fake sets, lack of extras, over-acting, unbelievably incestuous plots etc.  I'd rather watch Oprah any day.

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  1. When I was a young mother I watched Days of our Lives religiously. I even taped it. I organized my day around it. I felt like the people were my friends.