Thursday, 6 October 2011


Whew! A month of visitors which resulted in min blogging activites. Sorry about that. Now it's school holidays - half term - so I have to rush off to fetch my grandson soon. Luckily, I need to go to the plant nursery where there is a large play area for the little ones and hopefully there will be other desperate mommies and grannies there too. My last visitor and her husband were with me for a week for her convalescence after her 'stent' procedure. I am glad to report she is doing very well, although I sense her depression at the thought of going back to their rather isolated home in the country.  It's not at all that she fears the 500 mile drive home: she has had to do all the driving since her husband had a bad stroke 10 years ago. No, it's the thought of a myriad other private problems that face her back there. Apart from these, her husband is no longer the companion he once was and she has to look after him. He had extensive right parietal lobe damage at the time of the stroke and the after effects are profound. (You can google them).  Although he has made a remarkable recovery over the years thanks to his wife's energy and determination, he can now read again and his speech and memory are not affected, there are many things he cannot manage.  I had some experience of these during their visit, and I wonder very much how I would cope if I were her. After a week, my patience with him was almost exhausted.  So I admire her very much:  the problem is that she still strives to change the permanent damage that remains and I see that it frequently drives her to an unhealthy pitch of frustration.  What if it were me?

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