Thursday, 27 October 2011

Carrot and Stick - " Warrior"

It worked again! I  cleaned all the windows this morning, and mopped 'urgent' floors, also checked on the swimming pool as I had invited visitors from the UK to bring their small sons over to swim.  However, we had a cloudy and rainy day, only 18 degrees (we should be having 26 by now!) so they didn't come.  I rewarded myself by going to see the only grown-up movie on at our cinemas - "Warrior".  I wasn't keen on a 'boxing' movie but Nick Nolte will always get my vote, so although I closed my eyes in most of the fight bits, I thought it was a great movie in every respect.  Nick Nolte has a marvellous face  - a great argument against plastic surgery.  If only I could paint I would do his face. The two actors who played his sons were absolutely marvellous too. Great eye candy - both of them.  Actually, a sensitively directed father/sons relationship theme.

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