Monday, 12 September 2011

Visitors from New Zealand

Well, we had a wonderful week with our two visitors - my best and oldest school friend and her husband (whom I had not met before).  The weather was clement, the West Coast wild flowers, famous world-wide, were outstanding (the photo is taken next to our house) and I re-discovered Cape Town with them on the new Rapid Transport Bus. My husband took two days leave and we toured the winelands, imbibing some excellent wines on the way: we all got on famously. My friend renewed her acquaintance with my eldest son, now 32, whom she had last seen as a babe in arms and our two husbands clicked, sharing interests in sport, Popular Mechanics magazine and woodwork. My husband was deeply impressed to be beaten at darts and when we did the washing - we found they wear the same size and shape of underpants and ! The only small difference was that this couple are ardent bridge players and we have never learned: they also love board games - which my husband doesn't. Then fate played a hand - hubby had to be away one night on business, so I invited my best friend and her husband and my neighbour to make up a game of "30 Seconds" (a bit like trivial pursuit, but in teams with an egg-timer involved) with many hilarious results.  A great time was had by all. Sadly, their visit came to an end and we found ourselves putting them on the plane. It was a very emotional goodbye for my friend and I as we are not really sure that we will ever see each other again.  This was too much for me and I cried myself to sleep that night (much to the mystification of my husband).  Well, it's not everyone who pooled their pocket money when they were 16 to buy a black, padded half-cup bra which we shared for important dates. We even shared the same boyfriend:  she went out with him on Fridays and me on Saturdays.  We used to compare notes. You had to be there.


  1. How wonderful to have a best, once-in-a-lifetime friend like that! Oh, you must visit at least once again! Wouldn't it be fun to plan, knowing now that your husbands get along as well? Even if you have to save for a years to go to New Zealand, it would be so worth it! In the meantime, I can imagine that it's sweet just to hold memories -- both old and new -- of your dear friend in your heart.

  2. You are so right. I must make plans. We do have to visit people in Perth and Sydney (also one day!) - maybe we can make a combined trip somehow. And yes, the memories are absolutely vivid and everlasting.