Thursday, 1 September 2011

Toddler Humour

Yesterday I had to babysit my little granddaughter, aged two today actually,  and I managed to get some ironing done as she plays nicely by herself for a good hour when she first arrives (unlike the boys - you have to play with them).  Finally bored, she came to see what I was doing and I playfully sprayed her face with the water I use for the ironing. To my surprise, she thought this was hugely funny and wanted me to do it again...and again...and again.  I got tired of this and put the bottle down.  She picked it up, climbed on the bed, turned the business end towards herself and squirted herself in the face. Again - hugely funny. This continued for about twenty minutes.  Of course by the time I thought of my camera, she had stopped.  It reminds me of the summer of the flies, two years ago when my grandson was 18 months.  He thought the action of the fly swatter the funniest thing on earth.  But then he has always had a great sense of humour:  little M though, is very selective, you struggle to get her to laugh- she is a very self-contained child, serious and thoughtful. So the spray bottle was a great discovery - it might not work next week though.  This is M in the photo.  Grandson is the one throwing himself into the deep end of our pool (on my sidebar).


  1. We were just talking at work about all the surprising things that make the little ones laugh! It's so much fun when you find one of those little things. There is nothing quite like a child's laughter!

  2. Book Nut - you are always on my wavelength!