Friday, 16 September 2011


Most of us will relate to the honeymoon period of owning a PC when we used to think ourselves clever by inventing a different password for all our applications.  In latter years, we have become cleverer, realising that we can use the same password for everything! This is great because we can actually commit it to memory without having to write it down and "keep it in a safe place", many of which have been so safe I've never found them again. The fundis though, frown at this practice as being very risky now that there are hackers and thieves who are so computer savvy. Certain sites have also become more pernickety lately: I messed up my login 3 times to my Internet Banking page and so I had to reconfigure it.  Hopefully, I keyed in my old password - not a chance. I tried again with something else:  too short - must be at least 8 digits.  OK.  Tried again - this time I was given almost the full requirement - at least one capital, lower case and upper case letters and also numbers must be included.  Thought I had it that time, but no - there must now be the inclusion of a character key e.g. @ or % or &.  With my fourth attempt I was convinced I was done - but not yet! - You are not allowed to have to consecutive letters the same!  My fifth attempt was a success but now there is a new problem!  I can't possibly remember this strange mixture of letters, numbers and funny keys! I'll have to write it down. Where to find a safe place? I have an awful sense of foreboding!

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